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    For the twelfth straight year the Vanier Business Administration program hosted approximately forty students from ten Universities in France and Belgium last fall. As part of the exchange, Vanier students complete internship in France each spring in the cities of Paris, Troyes, Montbeliard, Belfort and Vannes. They work for major corporations, government organizations and small companies. We also place French students with local companies and organizations in Montreal. The bonds that are built and the memories that are created last a lifetime.  The photo that you see below also includes Rosa Baldassare , a former Vanier exchange student who completed her Accounting internship in Niece, France in 2009. Rosa was attending a networking event held for current Vanier students; she provided valuable advice and insights to this latest group before they embarked on their voyages. The students will all complete 6-8 week project mandates.

    Vanier Interns: Alvarez Rey; Carolina, Bonspille; Samuel, DiMaria, Luca; Excellent, Kimberly; Hakim, Fida; Lopez, Diego; Morales Ramos Shenna; Ordonez, Juan Daniel; Tran, Selena; Zambon, Laura Cristina

    France Interns: Ametowoglo, Laurene; Rigaud, Heloise; Ulageswaran, Purusoth

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