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Our Students

Our students come first.

Everything we do in the Biology department is for the educational benefit of our students, and we are fully committed to excellence in teaching and student success. Our courses are challenging and require effort and dedication from our students, but they are also fun and engaging, and really help prepare students for the challenges that await them along their future paths. Don’t believe us? Hear it from the students themselves:


“…I have to say Biology 1 and 2 are a tremendous help when it comes to understanding physiology and even to some extent, anatomy. The way you had taught the material had created such a solid foundation in understanding physiological and biological processes that learning newer concepts becomes fairly easy.”

“I thank you for having challenged my peers and I in the ways that you did. You proved to us that biology is not simply a collection of facts to be memorized, but a dynamic, complex science with so much depth and so much to offer. If your current students complain about the harsh marking of their lab reports, tell them that university students (such as myself) are infinitely grateful for having had a teacher who was demanding and who corrected their mistakes early on in their academic careers. Actually, I realized how thorough my knowledge of writing proper lab reports really was when I took a laboratory course last semester. I felt confident and capable when faced with those “scary” university assignments, thanks to you.”

“…I truly believe that your course and your teaching methods have prepared me for university-level classes. Your tests and assignments were always challenging but consequently I found myself much more motivated to do well. In the end, although I thought your course was more demanding than any other of my classes, the results I have gotten and most importantly the lessons I have learnt in the process have made all the difference!”

“I just want to let you know how thankful I am for the knowledge I’ve acquired in your class. Over a year later, I can still remember the concepts you taught me and they are making my workload much easier at the moment. The base that I’ve acquired in your class allows me to connect these concepts to the molecular pathologies with much ease! I would also like to let you know that the level we are learning topics like transcription, translation, and Mendelian genetics, are all comparable to the level in which you teach your students in BIO I / II.”

“…I started school at UDM…just last week, and seem to be MUCH (no exaggeration) more knowledgeable than the other students. Whether it be in physiology, molecular cell biology, histology or any subject, It seems the professor is teaching me what I already know. Your class was demanding, there is no doubt, but sitting here today makes me realize how efficient the teaching style was. I seem to remember everything, from big to small.”

“Thanks to you I know most of the subjects that we are being taught in Physiology 209 course at McGill. I actually found that a lot of students didn’t do all of the subjects (and if they did, they didn’t learn it as in-depth as us) that we did in class. So, everyone who had you are so glad that they did and feel that the Physiology is mostly review with a bit of additional information. We were also told that the exam format is mostly multiple choice questions. Since, I got used to your exam format, I feel much more comfortable with what is to come.”

“…I finally understand why you were “tough” in the labs! and Wow thanks. University is a whole other level like you told us.”