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Our Department


The Biology Department is part of the Faculty of Science and Technology. Department offices and labs are located primarily on the 4th floor of Vanier’s A building. Our departmental community consists of  15 full and part-time faculty members with a broad area of biological expertise and backgrounds (ranging from metabolic processes in yeast to predatory behaviour in white sharks), as well as 3 full and part-time technicians who keep our department and labs running.

Members of our department teach over 20 different courses, in subjects as diverse as anatomy and physiology, microbiology, and botany. Of course, there are also General Biology classes (I and II). We teach students from the Science program, but also teach courses for non-Science students, as well as courses for career and technical programs like Nursing and Animal Health.

We are committed to excellence in education, and to the success of our students. It helps that we teach in state-of-the-art classrooms, and in spacious and well equipped labs. However, we also strive to make our classes as interesting, engaging, and beneficial as possible, and are at the forefront of pedagogical innovation, with numerous faculty members adopting and developing novel pedagogical approaches. We are also committed to extending the learning experience beyond the classroom, especially as it pertains to conducting scientific research, as we coordinate, oversee, and mentor students involved in numerous intra- and extra-collegial research activites, such as Vanier’s DNA sequencing project, the research methods in Biology course, and the BioGenius competition.