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Germ World: The Good, The Bad, The Rotten (101-HSA-VA)

Germ World is a new H16 complementary course for non-Science students.

Learn more about the exciting invisible world that lives all around us!
Have you ever wondered how humans live in harmony with so many potentially dangerous microbes?

  • How does yeast give us beer and wine?
  • Why is there a cold and flu season?
  • Is bread mold harmful?
  • What is mildew, anyway?
  • Why are superbugs so bad?
  • What causes peanut allergy?
  • Why does Ebola spread so fast?
  • How do bacteria clean up huge oil spills?

Don’t panic! Find the answers to these and many more questions in this fascinating new course!

Register for this course during Winter 2016 registration. Register soon – space is limited.