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Edward Awad Creates Interactive Videos

Dr. Edward Awad already uses videos within a flipped class methodology to get students to engage in the initial construction of knowledge before coming to class, but wasn’t satisfied that these videos only asked students to act as passive recipients of knowledge. Given that the entire motivation behind adopting a flipped classroom is to provide more opportunities for students to actively engage with course material, Zaption VideoDr. Awad wanted to extend this premise beyond the classroom and into the videos that students were using as their initial introduction to course material.

Now, thanks to the backing of a SALTISE mini-grant, he has used software called Zaption created interactive videos for his class and for other Vanier Biology teachers. These videos include the standard presentation of content, but also provide students with breaks for questions throughout. These questions allow students to test their own comprehension, and provides students with immediate feedback on what they may not have understood from the content, as well as a direct path back to the appropriate time stamp in the video. Best of all, the video software provides Edward with a statistical breakdown of student performance, so he can enter class already knowing which concepts have been most problematic.

All of this will not only help strengthen the department’s commitment to student centered active learning, but will further distinguish Vanier Biology as one of the most innovative CEGEP departments in Quebec.

You can take a peek at one of his videos here:

Resting Membrane Potential