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Biology Labs

In the Biology department at Vanier, we are committed to providing students with exciting, hands-on, and cutting edge lab activities. Rather than providing students with a set of “cookbook” lab instructions, our focus is on providing students with a guiding framework, and letting them figure out the Science themselves. We believe this is a much more effective way to get students to apply the Biology knowledge they have gained, while developing the skills and attitudes necessary to be a scientist.

As a result, students taking our Biology courses end up doing ‘Science’ from A-Z: from asking their own questions and proposing their own hypotheses, to collecting, analyzing, and presenting their findings. This is what scientists do – so it’s what we teach our students to do as well.


All of this occurs within lab ‘frameworks’ that require students to apply current research methods and use new technology. Students will:

  • test hypotheses about cell size using microscopes hooked up to digital software
  • perform genetic crosses of live fruit flies
  • conduct CSI level DNA isolation, PCR, and DNA fingerprinting
  • make predictions about community composition based on real prey remains from a top predator
  • use comparative proteomics to identify evolutionary relationships

And this is just a small taste. Ultimately, students taking Biology at Vanier get a REAL scientific experience, and emerge ready and prepared to embark on the next steps of their scientific career.