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  Vanier College Videos - 2010  
      - Vanier College Big Band at the 2010 Montreal Jazz Festival  

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  Vanier College Videos - 2009  
      - Alumni Andy Nulman and Garth Bornstein on CBC's Fortune Hunters  

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  Vanier College Videos - 2008  
      - Vanier College Trip to Malawi - CFCF 12 footage  
      - Erica Phare, Conductor of the Vanier College Choir is Interviewed on Global TV's "This Morning Live"  
      - David Moscovitz is interviewed on Global TV regarding the BDC Challenge  

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  Vanier College Videos - 2007  
      - Patrick Watson, former Vanier music student featured on CBC-TV  
      - Video Highlight Clips from Bol D'Or Football Finals  
      - Vanier's Environmental and Wildlife Management program featured on Global TV  
      - Jock MacKay and Guy Quinn are interviewed on Global TV on the subject of helping underachieving students  
      - Following their National Women's Basketball Championship, Vanier Cheetahs Coach Ruby Viray and Tournament MVP Kristin Portwine appear on Global TV's "This Morning Live"  
      - CFCF's coverage of the Vanier Health Promotion Fair  
      - David Moscovitz is interviewed on Global TV regarding the BDC Challenge  
      - Info Evening 2007  

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  Vanier College Videos - 2006  
      - Vanier students again lead Holocaust remembrance ceremony at city hall  
      - Video clips from Big Band benefit concert  
      - Vanier Competitors "Swing Out" in Successful "So You Think You Can Dance" Competition  

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  Vanier College Videos - 2005  
    - Jocelyn Couture is interviewed and performs with the Vanier Stage Band on Global TV  
    - Stage Band member Carina Mach is interviewed on Global TV  
    - Vanier music student on Global TV’s “This morning live”  
    - Highlights of acts from the 2005 Nite of Nations  
    - Opera program students featured on Global TV  
    - Greg Page honored as amateur athlete of the week by The Gazette and Global TV  
    - History teacher Viviane Bouchard is interviewed for the TV show "Les francs tireurs" regarding her book on Che Guevara  

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  Vanier College Videos - 2004  
    - Bridge Building Contest  
    - Alejandro Julian amateur athlete of the week  
    - Trip for Tolerance  

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  Vanier College Videos - 2003  
    - Video clip of Paget Berridge on Global TV  
    - Bridge Building Contest  
    - Vanier Lineman Miller Anchors Cheetah’s defence  
    - Fran Davis' Retirement Party  
    - Video clip of performers from Nite of Nations  
    - Video clip on Dranadia Roc from Global TV  

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  Vanier College Videos - 2002  
    - Vanier Football Cheetahs  
    - Bridge Building Contest  
    - Highlights of acts from the 2002 Nite of Nations  
    - Increasing GEGEP nursing applications - CFCF news story  
    - Brazilian dance troupe performing in the Vanier student mall  

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  Vanier College Videos - 2001  
    - Vanier College Respiratory & Anaesthesia Technology Program Featured in Video  
    - Vanier student and three-time Canadian Wrestling Champion David Zilberman is named Athlete of the Week by Global TV  
    - Athletics coordinator Linda Macpherson is interviewed by Pulse News  
    - CFCF-12 Pulse news broadcasts “live” from Vanier College  
    - Nite of Nations Celebrating Our Cultural Diversity  

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  Vanier College Videos - 2000  
    - Nite Of Nations  

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  Vanier College Videos - 1998  
    - Guy Quinn and his Wilderness Course is featured on Global News  

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