Coach Of The Year Ray Gagnon accepts award from Sam Kay
"We cannot say enough about the entire coaching staff of Vanier College. In addition to the time the athletes spend for games and practices- the coaching staff are also spending countless hours on scouting, recruiting and preparation for practices and games. Most of us have no idea as to what kind of time these coaches devote to you and the program and on that basis alone each one of them is worthy of receiving this award.

The person we have chosen to honor this year, has been coaching at Vanier for the past ten seasons. During that time he started as a position coach and worked himself up the ranks to assume head coaching responsibilities.

In his particular sport, much of the work is done in the off-season with recruiting "making" or "breaking" the team, before anyone takes to the field. The number of hours spent traveling, scouting, and attending recruiting functions is staggering. Not only student athletes need to be recruited in this particular sport, but coaches also need to be attracted to the program. To be able to assemble the staff of the quality that he has brought to Vanier is also proof of his leadership capabilities.

This year's coach of the year was faced with an unfortunate incident where the team
was forced to forfeit four of their first five victories due to an eligibility problem.
Many teams would have been too bitterly demoralized at that point of the season to be able to pick themselves up and regroup. The team however, stuck together and went on to win the rest of their regular season games, which was a great testament to the leadership abilities of the coaching staff.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Ray Gagnon is this year's Vanier College Coach of the Year." (As presented by Sam Kay, Director of Administrative Services and Secretary General)

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