On February 20, 2002, the strains of hot latin rhythms resounded through the Student Mall as an invited troupe of Brazilian dancers put on a show that was warmly received by all in attendance. The performance, sponsored by the VCSA, represented just another one of the fine entertainment events which are provided by the college and its institutions to students for free.

After performing a set ensemble piece, individual dancers pulled students out of the crowd to dance with them onstage. The dancers' enthusiasm was infectious and everyone present seemed to get into the spirit of the music.

We invite you to view some photos taken by Brian Lafrance and Antonio Moraga Diaz of the VCSA. Also, if you have access to high-speed internet, there's a video clip taken at the show.

2 fearless Vanier students (foreground and background)
get into the swing of things with 2 of the dancers.

Everyone really enjoyed the audience participation
aspect... and then there were those wild costumes!

Hot! Hot! Hot!

One of the members (left) of the group of Brazilian percussionists
who accompanied the dance troupe lays down a scintillating beat.

Viva Brazil! Thanks to the VCSA for another great event.

If you have high-speed internet access, click here for a video clip

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