The weather was gorgeous, the greens perfect and everyone was pumped to swing their clubs for a worthy cause. - The Third Annual Vanier College Golf Tournament and Sports Hall of Fame Banquet. Over 25 foursomes took part in a shot -gun start to make this event the successful and fun event it has come to be.

After the tournament, five Vanier College alumni were inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame. Four were from the amazing Yeboah-Kodie family of athletes. These included siblings; brothers Frank and Philip who played in the Canadian Football League and the National Football League respectively, and sisters Victoria and Elizabeth who were volleyball stars. Keith Coffin a past coach of the Cheetahs (Men's Basketball) was also inducted. He is also a present member of the Vanier Foundation.

The Foundation would like to say a special thanks to all the volunteers who worked tirelessly and with a wonderful spirit. This made the event all that more meaningful and fun. Monies raised go to the Foundation's scholarship program, the Athletics program and to the Student Emergency Fund.

We invite you to view some photos taken at this year's festivities.

(l to r) Ian MacArthur, Linda Macpherson, Elizabeth Yeboah-Kodie,
Earl de Laperalle, Philip Yeboah-Kodie, Andrew Hertzog

Sam Kay practices on the driving range

Gilles Thibodeau in foreground while Michael
Macchiagodena gets ready to play his shot

(l to r) Gilles Thibodeau, Nita Cheong,
Michael Macchiagodena, Sam Kay

Convoy of carts head off to their different starting tees

Frank Yeboah-Kodie with not a bad swing

Philip Yeboah-Kodie tees off

Volunteer Gloria Di Murro manages a good swing and a good smile

(l to r) Mike Roy, Terry Skindilias, Keith Coffin, Brent Sabino

Volunteers Marissa and Silvana Cannatelli
take a breather from the hectic day

Robert Hunger, vice-president from Nesbitt-Burns and volunteer Laura Grant

Volunteers Hilda Schwartz, Laura Grant and Mark Gratton

(l to r) Philip Yeboah-Kodie, Bill Morrison,
Frank Yeboah-Kodie, Elizabeth Yeboah-Kodie

Beautiful profile of Elizabeth Yeboah-Kodie

One of the lucky raffle winners

Keith Coffin receives his award from Linda Macpherson

(l to r) Keith Coffin, Philip Yeboah-Kodie, Elizabeth Yeboah-Kodie,
Ian McArthur, Victoria Yeboah-Kodie, Milly Hunger, Frank Yeboah-Kodie,
Annette Kiss, Rob Hunger and Michael Macchiagodena