Victoria Sorochinski, Self-Portrait

Two Photogaphic Exhibitions

First, a little bit about myself

Where am I from?
I was born in Ukraine, lived in north of Russia; then immigrated to Israel, where I lived for 6 years. In 1996 I moved to Canada, and here I am.
What languages can you speak to me?
One of the 6: English, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Hebrew or Spanish.
What I like to do beside photography?
Dancing (it's my first "love"): flamenco, jazz-modern and social dancing; playing guitar and singing; drawing, sculpting and baking delicious cakes. Every Art is interesting for me beside the boring ones.
My goal?
To make the complicated become simple and the simple become beautiful.



Victoria Sorochinski, Self-Portrait

A couple of words about the exhibits

Both of the shows were made during the year 2001 and both of them represent my reflection of women's inner world. As a form of expression I have chosen Nude Photography, which provoked a lot of controversial discussions in Vanier College, especially concerning my last show " She deemed to be a soaring bird…".

You probably would like to ask me why have I made such a choice? - And I have a very simple answer for that. It's because I don't want to frame my work in a particular time or place. I want every person to be able to identify and to connect with my images. Also when the person is naked physically, she is able to reveal her inner world more than if she was dressed. For me clothes are like a mask that people put on to feel safe and more confident in themselves. Depending on what we wear our behavior changes. Why have people invented all kinds of styles in clothes, and why do some people dress elegantly and some put a dirty shirt and pants, and taint their hair in all kinds of colors calling it a hippy or artistic style? Because that's how they want society to perceive them.

We shouldn't be afraid of a naked body because it's beautiful... but we should be afraid of an empty soul. One of the greatest Russian writers, Maksim Gorky, once said: "Art sometimes reflect reality more than reality itself." That's why I think it may be difficult for certain people to accept my photographs.

(Note: Do not continue further if images of nudity offend you)

First exhibited in April 2001

First exhibited in November 2001