Rockets consist of a plastic bottle partially filled with water. The rockets will be pressurized with a bicycle pump and then released.


All rockets must be made from a 600 ml plastic soft drink bottle with a narrow (25 mm) neck (the standard size in all vending machines at Vanier).
To qualify as a rocket, the bottle must be modified in some way; e.g. decorated, fins or a nose cone added, etc.
The bottle must not be cut or punctured in any way so that it can be pressurized.

The bottle must be unaltered for the first 60 mm from the opening.
The overall diameter including fins or other decorations must be less than 100 mm.
The overall length must be less than 350 mm.
The rocket must be able to glide along two rails spaced 45 mm apart. (Look at the photos outside B405 to see what the launching pad looks like).
Only clear water may be used as a propellant. You can choose how much water to put in the bottle, anywhere from empty to full.


To enter, fill out the entry form below, detach it and take it to the Print Shop (B121). Make sure that someone at the Print Shop marks the time and date of submission.

The deadline for entries is noon on Tuesday, September 21st.

  For answers to questions, e-mail Ann Seymour at