Vanier College Presents:
The Rocket Launch Event
Wednesday, October 3, 2001

Photos by Michael Cowan

This event was organized by members of the physics department. Ann Seymour was the enthusiastic principal organizer, obtainer of prizes, delegator of tasks and general driving force behind the Rocket Launch Event. The Launch was sponsored by the Faculty of Science & General Studies, the Faculty of Applied Technologies, and the Faculty of Social Science, Commerce, Arts & Letters, by the bookstore, by Student Recruitment, and by the VCSA. The prize for longest distance was a "Vanier Kicks Butt!" T-shirt. The prize for most rockets voted "best" was shared by two teams and consisted of a document holder for each member of the groups. All participants received a prize and a certificate of participation as a rocket scientist. Click here for more info and complete rules of the event. Photos from the event are shown below.

François Castonguay (left) with Jerry Arzoumanian and their rocket "Bazooka Joe"

Geneviève Raymond

Anton Petrov

Thiva Ramachandran

Elena Agostino (left) and Anita Rogic

Congratulations go to the First Prize winner Rudra Kinkar Dey

One of the many interesting designs that flew that day

Contestant Bir Bikram Dey proudly displays his handiwork

Rajiv Sadaranganey (foreground) and Christa Marczuk (background)

First, the rocket is attached to the Launch Platform...

Left to right: Fran Davis, Dean of Science & General Studies,
Jerry Arzoumanian, François Castonguay, Tegdeep Kandal

Left to right: Jerry Arzoumanian, François Castonguay, Tegdeep Kandal

Geneviève Raymond (center) is congratulated by Dean Fran Davis

First Prize winner Rudra Kinkar Dey receives his award from Dean Fran Davis

Left to right: Dean Fran Davis, Anita Rogic and Balkis Imam


Participating students - The launch would not have been successful without the curiosity, participation and enthusiasm of Vanier's students. The launch was the result of a promise (last term) to AT and BSET students. Along with others, Ann Seymour's section of Physics 006 contributed hugely to the event.

Avrum Dunsky - It would not have been possible had Avrum not jumped on the idea and supported it from beginning to end - including planning, building the rocket launcher, picking up where I left off, doing most of what needed to be done, recruiting the hands of many teachers, and keeping my concerns in hand, if anyone can be said to be able to do such a thing.

Mike Cowan - For excellence in photography and poster creation, and good ideas

Don Hetherington - For finding the launcher to begin with, a great registration form, administrative skill, and more good ideas

All of the Vanier Physics teachers and staff who contributed time and support to the endeavour

The Print Shop - For agreeing to accept entries in an organized fashion

All the Vanier Faculties for generous support, both financial and otherwise

Roy Hartling - Prizes and support

The Bookstore - For the excellent prizes