Presented by the VCSA

 A big thank you to the Vanier College Students' Association for their organization and sponsorship of this year's Survivor Fall Festival 2001, which took place in beautiful weather on Wednesday, October 3. The front lawn of the college was the venue for
many entertaining and enjoyable activities: sumo wrestling, gladiator jousting, wall climbing, an obstacle course race, a rocket launching contest, hot dogs and popcorn to munch on, T-shirts and posters as prizes, and music provided by radio station CKVR. Check out the photos!

Sumo wrestlers amuse the crowd

The ever-popular gladiator joust

How high can you climb?

When running the obstacle course,

 be careful you don't lose your ...

Prepare for rocket launch!

The Rocket Launch Event was a competition held during the Festival which featured entries from many Vanier students. To view a web page with photos dedicated to this event, just
click here.


Hot dogs, popcorn, and high spirits

 Cars, cars, cars ...



 Relaxing on the obstacle course


Music courtesy  the CKVR crew

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