Student Services Presents
Orientation Week - Autumn 2001


The first week of the Autumn 2001 semester was Orientation week here at Vanier. All events, during this time, were aimed at welcoming new students. On August 22nd, during the universal break, Student Services presented the New Student Orientation meeting. Mask On Productions participated and livened up the event!

This year's theme is "College Survivor" and all information geared to new students carries the College Survivor logo! Also included was the Student Passport challenge. The students were given a passport which had to be stamped by various departments throughout the school. The final stamp was found at the Survivor Challenge on the front lawn on Aug. 24th. Once the passports were completed, the students became eligible to win a $100.00 gift certificate redeemable at the Vanier Book Store. We received a good number of passports and the winner was ... Randy Timbol!

The Survivor Challenge was a good time! Airbounce and improv games were enjoyed by the students. The football team provided the food and drinks and the music was provided by the Vanier radio station.

The Sumo Wrestling Challengewas a big hit. Everyone welcomed the chance to relax, have a good time and meet other students. Take a look at some pictures taken at these events.




Mask On Productions visited the Vanier Campus and went about meeting new students as well as reminding them to come to orientation.

Students were very receptive and fun was had by everyone the clowns met.

It's always a good time with the "Mask On" cast; even the staff got in on the fun.

The New Student Orientation was attended by over 500 students who received first hand info on Vanier's services. Those who attended are already ahead of the game!

The Survivor Challenge - August 24th on Vanier's front lawn.

Getting ready to wrestle - Sumo Style!

The Sumo Wrestling Challenge was one of the most popular. It's harder than it looks.

Hang in there!

After this ... you're exhausted.

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The improv challenge was a favourite.