Book launch at the Learning Centre on April 20th, 2001

Soundings 2000 includes 29 Vanier (and now former Vanier) students.  Vanier's Native Circle 2000-2001 is an updated version of the 1999 edition, which was edited by Fawn Iserhoff. It includes writing by 13 native students.
Nine authors shared their stories and poems at the launch. The reading line-up included poetry, articles, short stories, and memoirs.
The books are available in The Learning Centre and in the library for others to read.

Authors group

Author, author!
Back row (left to right):
Jenny Georgiopoulos,
Kawennio Montour,
Jeremy Tremblay,
Kelly Johnson,
Denise Dawn Hubert,
Johnathan Mina.

Front row (left to right):
Natalie Cole,
Laura Leboeuf,
Michelle Mathurin

Denise Dawn Hubert

Kelly Johnson

Former Vanier Echo editor Denise Dawn Hubert and Kelly Johnson read articles that appeared in
Vanier's student newspaper before appearing in Soundings 2000

Jenny Georgiopoulos (far right) and friends. Jenny's non-fiction piece, "The Move" explores how she has changed since her move from Texas almost two years ago.

Jeremy Tremblay Kawennio Montour Natalie Cole
Jeremy Tremblay is featured in both Soundings 2000 and Vanier's Native Circle. Kawennio Montour shared her views on being a native dancer in her piece "Pow Wow Dancer". Her film experiences are described in a second pieced, entitled "Being in A Movie". Natalie Cole: "New Country, New Life, Great Expectations"

Judy, Trudi, Debby, Kawennio


Laura Leboeuf Michelle Mathurin Martin Pitt-Bradley

Laura Leboeuf read two poems,
"Gold Fish" and
"The Price of Perfection."

Michelle Mathurin read her poem
"The Pearl of the Islands"
about her native homeland, Haiti.

Martin Pitt-Bradley, illustrator

Special thanks to Martin Pitt-Bradley for illustrating the cover of Soundings 2000, and to Roger Guetta for designing the cover of Vanier's Native Circle 2000-2001.

Marilyn Caplan and Saira Manjothi

Marilyn Caplan and Saira Manjothi of the Learning Centre. The books were edited by Saira.

Peter Page and Judy Macdonald. Peter was honoured at the book launch for his excellent work in creating an online version of the Vanier Student Writing Guide. The Learning Centre is thrilled to have Peter on its team!

Peter Page and Judy Macdonald

 Time to mingle and have cake!