Chess Championships 2001
We're the best!

John Yu
John Yu

Igor Perez
Igor Perez (in the blue plaid shirt)

The Vanier College Chess Championship was a huge success!

The tournament took place between March 7 to 28, 2001,
and thirty students participated. With so many talented players, several-way ties were almost unavoidable. The winners are:

1st place: Jerry Wong;

2nd place (tied): Lautaro Fernandez, David Gunaplan,
Mulanda Kayembe, Andrei Moskvitch;

3rd place (tied): Hong Chen, Faisal Islam, Nelson Lin,
Khoa Nguyen, Igor Perez, Matthew Scott;

Best female player: Maria Constandinou;

2nd best female player: Ella Yakobov;

3rd best female players: Diana Dragomir, Audrey Laurencelle.

Jerry Wong
First place winner Jerry Wong 







Basil Berntsen
Basil Berntsen

Diana Dragomir
Diana Dragomir

Ioannis Panagiotou
Ioannis Panagiotou

Audrey Laurencelle and Ella Yakobov

Audrey Laurencelle (left) and Ella Yakobov (right)

Matthew Scott
Matthew Scott  

Andre and Lautaro
Andrei Moskovitch (in white sweater)
shaking hands with Lautaro Fernandez

 Matt and Guy
Jonathan Hayon (black jacket)
shaking hands with Matthew Scott (blue shirt)

Vanier Holds on to Provincial Intercollegiate Chess Championship Title
Congratulations to the Vanier College Chess Team for their second consecutive victory in the Quebec Intercollegiate Chess Championship. This prestigious award will remain ours for another year thanks to the efforts of players Hong Chen, Jonathan Hayon, Faisal Islam, Kato Kayembe, Mulanda Kayembe, Michael Lafleur, Audrey Laurencelle, Andrei Moskvitch, Khoa Nguyen, Igor Perez, Matthew Scott, Jerry Wong and supporters from Student Services, The Learning Centre and VCSA who made this important victory possible.

March 29 and 30, 2001 saw thirteen of Vanier's best chess players - Hong Chen, Jonathan Hayon, Faisal Islam, Kato Kayembe, Mulanda Kayembe, Michael Lafleur, Audrey Laurencelle, Andrei Moskvitch (captain), Khoa Nguyen, Igor Perez, Matthew Scott and Jerry Wong - win the Provincial Intercollegiate Chess Championship for the second consecutive year. Vanier College is the only Anglophone CÉGEP in the history of the event to take home the prestigious title. Players were confident going into the tournament, and said they had "an awesome time."
Vanier is extremely proud of its team's achievement. Eleven students had winning records for winning at least four of their seven games.
The final showdown between Andrei Moskvitch and Mulanda Kayembe was no less than spectacular. Audrey LaurenceTlle said she held her breath and watched in awe as her peers played the last match. "In the last thirty seconds they exploded, moving pieces faster than lightening all over the board! We were stunned!" recounts Matthew Scott. With only three seconds remaining, Andrei managed to wrestle a win from Mulanda, who won a total of six games. His excellent performance earned him the top player award in the "Cegep 2" category. Andrei was a close second.
Mulanda started playing chess five years ago, when he was living in R.D. Congo. In 1998, he and his brother Kato, who was also part of Vanier's winning team, came to Canada. The brothers now live in Saint-Laurent and are in the Health Science program at Vanier. Mulanda plays in Blitz tournaments regularly, and is currently rated 2176. He hopes to play in some tournaments for fun this summer.

The Vanier team was encouraged by Andrei Moskvitch, who is largely responsible for making chess popular at Vanier College. In his two years at the college, the Science student has created a chess club and organized highly successful chess tournaments. Every semester he gladly participates in Extreme Chess, where he plays twelve players simultaneously. He has even been known to play fellow students blindfolded!
Andrei began moving chess pieces when he was just four years old. He was living in the South of Russia at the time, having just moved from Siberia, where he was born. Andrei moved to Quebec in 1994.

Since then he has played in numerous tournaments, including the Canadian Nationals and the World Championship in Spain in both 1999 and 2000. He is planning on attending the World Open in Philadelphia in the summer, but wants to take it easy until then so that he can concentrate on his studies. He is hoping to study Mechanical Engineering at McGill in the fall.

Jerry Wong,
Andrei Moskvitch,
Audrey Laurencelle,
Mulanda Kayembe.

Jonathan Hayon,
Matthew Scott,
Igor Perez