The 17th Annual Women's
Thursday, March 1, 2001
  For the 17th year in a row, the women of Vanier College got together to celebrate the arrival of International Women's Week festivities by holding their annual Champagne Breakfast. The locale this year was the Theatre Arts department performance space. While eating a delicious meal consisting of eggs, croissants, paté, etc. and, of course, champagne and orange juice, participants were treated to some exquisite music provided by harpist Sarah Pagé and flutist Tammy Lynn Déry. Afterwards, this year's installation of the perennial "Bag Lady" sketch was viewed amid gales of laughter. The event continued with a PowerPoint presentation by Animal Health teacher Dr. Amanda Glew on the changing roles of working women and concluded with the awarding of "Woman Of The Year" to Dany Brown of Student Services. We invite you now to view some photos taken at this year's event.

Music students
Sarah Pagé (harpist) and
Tammy Lynn Déry (flutist)
play while breakfast
is "being served".

Left to right: Jacqui Miller, Barb Armstrong, Dianne Tessier, Heather Lewis  


Linda Rutenberg and Judith Crawley


Left: Stephanie Laett, Patricia Bonnet, Judy Martin
Right: Linda Macpherson, ?, Renée LeCavalier, Amanda Glew

L: Linor David, Myra David, France Feehan
R: Cathy Stock, Joanne Ellis, Marilyn Caplan, Karen Runnels


Members of the Vanier College Students' Association

Kay Spooner, Gillian Bowman, Claudette Rivest, Angie Alberico, Rose De Souza  

Veronica McLaughlin, Lucie Guyot-Halleux, Sheila Cross, Susan Craig  


 Lynette Osborne, AVCSP President and perennial Champagne Breakfast MC

Lior David, accepts a gift after reading a poem which she composed.  

Amanda Glew gives a presentation
on the new roles of working women.


 The Davids, daughter and mother.

Shirley Pettifer
Gloria Di Murro,
in the famous "Bag Lady" sketch, a regular feature
of the Champagne Breakfast for many years.

Written by
Gail Martin.

 Rappin' !




Dany Brown, Woman of the Year
with Sherise and Sheryl


Sheryl Stevens, V.C.S.A. vice-president (far left) and
Linda Macpherson (far right) present gifts to Dany Brown.

Thanks to our musicians for the lovely
ambience that they helped create.

A big note of thanks to Gale Martin (left)
and Nora Soukiassian (right) for all their
help in organizing this year's festivities!