Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap: A Science and Technology Quiz Show was organized as part of the College's grant to motivate students to take a greater interest in Science. The semi-finals were held on March 29, and finals on April 12. The winning team, led by Kyle Gervais, took home a total of $200 and the second place team won $100. Matthew Elliot's team placed third and took home $60 worth of movie money. Special thanks to Joanne Ellis, Don Hetherington, and Brian Llewellyn-Ap-Dafydd for their involvement in this event!

Moderator Brian Llewellyn-ap-dafydd kept the contest moving at a crisp pace

1st place team (left to right) Kyle Gervais, Jesse Olszynko Gryn, Nick Cowan, Sylvain Muise
(standing) Brtyan Anchetta, scorekeeper

2nd place team, Mehdi Ghayour, David Reda and Noah Star
(standing) Jenny Georgiopoulos, scorekeeper

3rd place team, Saaadia Hussein, Robert Dilonardo, Yael Elfassy and Matthew Elliot (captain)