On Friday, May 12, 2000, Student Development and C.O.R.E (Campus Oriented Retention Efforts) Connection presented the fourth annual multicultural show. The auditorium was alive and filled to capacity as the audience experienced a variety in cultural entertainment.

MC's Anthony DiCarlo, current president of the VCSA (Vanier College Student Association) and Harminder Kaur-Singh, winner of the 2000 Student Life Award, took the crowd to its limit announcing fabulous performances spanning various cultures from across the globe.

We were entertained with traditional performances such as the spiritual Cambodian dance and inspiring classical piano pieces, as well as songs to the infectious rhythms of our Salsa and Soca dancers, just to name a few. It was truly an exciting evening for all who attended, as they witnessed some of the rich and diverse talents within our student population.

Kudos to all the terrific performers and hopefully we can continue to enjoy this fine tradition next year and for many years to come.

NOTE: After the photos from this year's show that follow this text, you will find a link to a Quicktime movie of the Pride Sistas performance of a Soca dance number. Be warned that this huge file of over 11 megabytes is obviously only suited to those with high-speed internet access. (for example on a telephone modem downloading at 1.5k per second, it would take over 2 hours to download this movie file. However, on a high-speed line at 100k per second, it will take from 1 - 2 minutes.) This excerpt lasts 2 minutes 50 seconds and requires Quicktime to be loaded on your computer. Also, at the end of this page is a link to a photo montage of last year's performance.

Click here for the Quicktime movie file of Pride Sistas' Soca dance number
(Again, be warned, it's 11 megs in size and you need Quicktime installed to view it)

To view our web page highlighting the 1999 Nite Of Nations performance.