Janice Clarini and Nancy Wargny
Named Co-Winners Of Vanier College
Teaching Excellence Award For 2000

Friends, colleagues and former students of Psychology's Nancy Wargny (right) and Special Care Counselling's Janice Clarini (left) gathered for an informal reception to honour their selection as this year co-winners of the Vanier College Teaching Excellence Award for 2000. They will officially be presented with their awards at the graduation ceremonies on June 21st.

The reception, hosted by Academic Dean David Johnson, featured various presentations by past students upon whom Janice and Nancy's unique teaching styles had made an impact in their lives. They also received accolades from colleagues within their departments. A special thank you goes out to Wanda Kalina for all her work in organizing the event. You can view more reception photos below.

Academic Dean David Johnson offers his
congratulations to the award winners.

A large crowd of well-wishers were present to honour Nancy and Janice.

A student of Janice Clarini offers a testimonial to her teaching skills.

Dahlia Waisgrus spoke glowingly of Janice's
unique contributions within the department.

Myra David outlined many of Nancy's contributions to Academic Council.

Two students detailed how Nancy had affected their lives.

Jim Fraser spoke on Nancy's important role in the Psychology Department.

Congratulations Janice and Nancy!