First Nations Celebration 2000 and
Day Of First Peoples 1999

First Nations' Celebration
April 2000

Native students helped in making Vanier's Multicultural Fair a success. We were treated to a delicious corn soup made by Lily Dailleboust of Kahnawake. Thanks also to Lisa Petawabano, Bryan Jette and Jonathan Peltier for their participation and support. We invite you to view a few photos taken at the event.

Lily Dailleboust and Lisa Petawabano

Jonathan Peltier and Bryan Jette

Enjoying Lili's corn soup. Mmmm.

Another successful event thanks to all the energetic participants.

Day of First Peoples
November 1999

Vanier's native students were out in full force participating in Vanier's cultural diversity celebrations. Cree, Mohawk, Innu and Tuscarora students, some sporting their colorful ribbon shirts, displayed a wide range of beautiful artifacts, many made from moose hide and decorated with exquisite beadwork.

A drummer on a water drum led the singing and dancing, providing the entertainment for students who feasted on traditional cornbread, fry bread and strawberry juice. The Day of First Peoples provided a wonderful introduction to native culture. Next semester's events include plans for a book of student writing, with contributions from our native students, among others.

The following photographs were taken at the event by Norcelo Agtarap and Bryan Jette.