Vanier's Annual Bridge Building Contest

This exciting contest was held on November 10, 1999 with 27 teams participating. The goal of the contest was to produce the most efficient bridge constructed solely with spaghetti and white carpenter's glue.

Teams came from all faculties with science and architectural students represented in equal numbers. The builders held their breath in anticipation as greater and greater loads were affixed to their bridges.

As the bridges collapsed, the looks of disappointment on the owners' faces were obvious but a good time was had by all - the crowd in the audience as well the participants.

The Learning Centre would like to thank the judges, Don Hetherington, Mike Cowan and Hode Erdogan, as well as our MC, Mimi Cooper, and the scorekeepers, Steve Rosenfield and Jacqui Paull.

The winners were: (view photos below)

Efficiency Category:

1st place: Mau Kei Lau and Mau Pan Lau
2nd place: Cheuk Ying Chan
3rd place: Nicholas Bourgeois

Craftsmanship Category:

1st place: Antoni Miele
2nd place: Pascal Bernier
3rd place: Guy Jr. Pillon

We would also like to thank to Julie Chenevert for the beautiful pictures she took of the event which we present to you now.


1st place winners (efficiency category) Mau Kei Lau
and Mau Pan Lau pose with TLC's Doug Miller

1st place winners (craftsmanship category) Antoni Miele and his
team members pose with Vanier D.G. Michael Macchiagodena

2nd place winner (efficiency category)
Cheuk Ying Chan

3rd place winner (efficiency category) Nicholas Bourgeois