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On Wednesday, April 28th, the Vanier College Students Association held it's Spring Fling '99 celebration.

Taking advantage of the beautiful weather and unseasonably warm temperatures, students flocked by the hundreds to the carnival site that was erected on Vanier's front lawn for their amusement and entertainment.

Among the new attractions were a Bungee Cord Trampoline Ride and The Spaceball (not for the weak of stomach!). As well, a great line-up of live rock bands rounded out the proceedings.

As usual, our intrepid photographer was there to catch some of the action. We present you now a selection of his pictures.


The transformation from front lawn to fairground was something to behold.

One of the new attractions, the Spaceball proved a popular ride.

An inflated soccer stadium permitted
participants to engage in team sports.

In this race track, contestants tried to run as far as possible before
they were yanked backwards by the bungee cord attached to them.

Olga of the VCSA poses with two volunteers at the barbecue.
Hungry students could buy cheap burgers, hot dogs, sodas, etc.

Dressed in protective outfits in the shape of Sumo wrestlers
participants could slam into each other without fear of injury.

Students wearing over-sized gloves
duke it out in the inflated boxing ring.

Securely attached with bungee cords, this student can
safely jump on the trampoline as high as she wants to.

Two jousting contestants recreate a scene
from the TV show, "American Gladiators".

Festivities were closed out with a slate of various rock bands.

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