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> Vanier Newsmakers > Millenium Scholarship Reception

The millenium award itself is meant to reward first-year students who have obtained high grades, volunteered in the community, and done extracurricular activities.  Although they are expected to write about their involvement over the last three academic years, there is a particular emphasis on the first year at CEGEP. 

Their most recent activities are weighted more heavily than those done in high school.  In addition, students are expected to have demonstrated leadership and innovation, such as being captain of a sport team or addressing an unmet need at school or in the community.  All of our students met these criteria in various ways.

The laureates this year are the following six students:

- Jamie Christopher Webber
- Andrea Mundiyamkal
- Sean Teixeira
- Jeremie Abikhzer
- Amanda Emanuele
- Shawn McGuirk

Click on the names above to learn more about these students.

View photos of the event:

- Slideshow 1 - Reception, speaches
- Slideshow 2 - Reception, receiving the scholarship certificates
- Slideshow 3 - Before & after the reception
- Slideshow 4 - View all photos (includes slideshow 1, 2 & 3)

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For any questions regarding scholarship opportunities, feel free to contact :

Anne Bernard
The Learning Centre, B221-A
Tel. (514) 744-7500 ext. 7395
e-mail : bernarda@vaniercollege.qc.ca.



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