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Jamie Christopher Webber
Music & Science

Jamie Christopher Webber has volunteered extensively within the United Church of Canada: he was a delegate at the Canadian youth forum, a counselor at the summer camp, and member of The Joint Needs Assessment Committee. Jamie is also a musician and lifeguard.

Andrea Mundiyamkal
Health Science

Andrea Mundiyamkal, as Academic Officer of the VCSA, created the college's Toonie Tutoring, a peer-tutoring programme that is affordable and available for any subject. 

She also wrote and acted in a play that dealt with mother-daughter relationships; it was performed at an annual Indian festival in Quebec.  Furthermore, Andrea gave up her summer vacation in 2005 to volunteer at a senior's residence; she volunteered for 674 hours over two months.

Sean Teixeira
Pure and Applied Science Plus

Sean Teixeira is passionate about science; he has been a regular participant in science fairs, math competitions, robotics competitions, and science conferences.

Although fairing extremely well in many of these competitions, he has not limited himself to the pursuit of science.

Sean is an athlete, musician, and activist; he is a regular participant in World Vision's Thirty-Hour Famine and volunteer at Ten Thousand Villages.

Jeremie Abikhzer
Health Science

Jeremie Abikhzer was co-creator of a peer-tutoring programme for Continuing Education students in Vanier College's Math and Science Centre.

He has been an active member in the Montreal Jewish community, volunteering at a Holocaust Symposium, acting as Vice-President of Vanier's Hillel Youth Club, organizing meetings for The Hechal Shalom Community, and leading The Montreal Tennis Team at the 2006 Maccabi Olympic Games.

Amanda Emanuele
Liberal Arts

Amanda Emanuele noticed that a youth voice was missing from a local Italian journal, and therefore became one of the publication's regular contributors.  She has also been extremely active in fundraising for the Montreal Children's Hospital with a local soccer club.  In addition, Amanda is a lifeguard, peer-tutor, and regular competitor in creative writing competitions.

Shawn McGuirk
Health Science Plus

Shawn McGuirk initiated an awareness programme to stop the seal hunt. He participates in World Vision's Thirty-Hour Famine and volunteers at Ten Thousand Villages. He is an English peer-tutor, musician, and avid competitor in science and math competitions.



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