The VCSA was proud to be involved in the organization and sponsoring of this year's Fall Festival 98 on Wednesday, November 4th. An entire carnival site was created in the apple orchard between the main and N buildings. Many outstanding and often wildly enjoyable activities were set up for the student population's amusement. As you'll see, it's amazing the many different games can be set up with an air compressor and vinyl tubing. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we'll skip straight to a few select shots taken at this year's event. Great job, VCSA!  

Students walking along the path between the cafeteria and the N Building found an entire carnival site erected for their pleasure. In this view, we see the Mini Soccer Stadium on the left, and the Gladiators Jousting Arena on the right . In the back was a Sumo Wrestlers Ring, a Boxing Ring, as well as an Elastic Race Game.

How high can you jump? Besides all the above mentioned attractions, there were also plain old jumping mattresses, an arcade-style basketball game, and a ring-the-bell with-a-sledge-hammer game.

What else could you want besides a free amusement park? How about cheap hot dogs and soda?

With oversized gloves like these, you couldn't do too much physical damage, so...

This seemed to encourage participants to be even MORE competitive!

This student was so proficient, he seemed to hit the bell on every try!

The Sumo Wrestler event was as much fun to watch as it was to be in. The participants wore thickly padded Sumo suits as well as helmets in the shape of the hair of sumo wrestlers. The resulting look was hilarious.

Another popular attraction was the Rubber Band Race Track. Here, students ran on an inflated race track, however they were harnessed to a giant elastic restraint system. You could run just so far, then...

B - O - I - N - G !

In the Gladiators Jousting Arena, participants tried to knock their opponents off of their pedestal.