Vanier College held it's annual Open House on Sunday, October 18, 1998. Thanks to widespread participation from all levels of the Vanier community, as well as excellent advanced planning and promotion (and the great weather didn't hurt, either), attendance was estimated between 2000 and 3000 visitors!

Director General Michael Macchiagodena offered his congratulations in a subsequent memo: "I would like to thank all the personnel who participated in the success of our Open House. The successful outcome of this event was due to a team effort with all departments actively participating and doing their best to positively represent their respective areas and, by extension, the College as a whole.

"Vanier looked beautiful. The entire grounds were in first rate with the grass cut, leaves gathered, etc. The beauty of the campus was well shown. Inside, our displays and decorations created a wonderful, learning centered atmosphere.

"An interesting perspective to Vanier people is how much we have improved our college over the last few years. A renovated library, a beautiful Communications area, new student space, a soon to be completed Bookstore, a spacious auditorium, a superb amphitheatre should give us some pride in how much we have improved Vanier."

We now invite you to view some photos of the event taken by Library and Information Technology Centre photographer Dale Robinson.



Registrars and Admissions gave out valuable information for prospective students.


With The Magic Of Chemistry Show, Dr. Joe Schwarcz and Dr. Ariel Fenster (right)
provided their usual blend of both science and entertainment. A guaranteed crowd-pleaser!


Student volunteers dispense information about The Social Science and Commerce Program.


LITC Coordinator Bev Chandler greets a visitor to the newly renovated Library area.


The Learning Centre's Judy Macdonald and Margaret Million
describe some of the activities and services offered in their area.


Carmen Rossignoli of Counselling guides participants in The Career Game.


Visitors to the Cinema section of the newly updated Communications
area receive a hands-on demonstration of video editing procedures.


"Don't worry, she won't bite!"

A student volunteer welcomes visitors to the Natural Science Department's Animal Health Lab.


The Vanier Jazz Band keeps things swinging in the newly completed student mall.


A demonstration of rock climbing was given on the side of the Vanier Sports Complex.


LITC Centre N215 provided a demo of digital photographic manipulation, by having subjects (here,
Jim Munro of Recruitment) pose for a shot and then have their face spliced within a celebrity photo.


Carol Anne Inglis and Rose DeSouza of the Library and Information Technology Centre welcomed
visitors and informed them of the ever expanding range of facilities and services offered there.


Nursing Department faculty and students provided useful program
information as well as practical demonstrations of nursing techniques.


The Nursing Department also offered free blood pressure readings.


A student from the Architectural Technology Program gives a demo of some of the
specialized software packages that they use for the creation of blueprints, floor plans, etc.