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The Mathematics & Science Centre peer tutors organized an MSC party on
December 8, 2006 to warmly thank everyone who helped make A06 a
wonderful semester in the Centre.

The Mathematics & Science Centre has helped so many students in every program across the College succeed in their mathematics and science courses. The running of the Centre would not be possible without the gracious support of so many people.

Thank you to all the tutors and assistants, Kenneth William Bonnah, Tizziana Cambiotti, Mays Chami, Alexandra Dinu, Cynthia El-Khoury, Walid El-Sadawy, Jad Hachem, Yuji Kamio, Philip Lagogiannis, Ming Lei, Jade Aizhen Lefebvre, Codruta Marin, John Ibrahim Ozcelik, Prateep Pakavath Kumar, Nora Pang, David Patel, Javeed Shaikh, Berna Tabet, Marie Tam, Amanda Tambasco, Kanh Linh Thai, Alexandru Vartar, Dana Wazzan, Adrian Woznowski-Vu and Dan Yang Yang.

Thank you to Wissam Chaya, Stephen Newbigging, Luigi Bilotto, Tim Shen, Ellen Cooper, Antoine Khalil, Anna Krasowska, Sandi Mak, Farid Sandoghdar, Helena Dedic, Ivan Ivanov, Andy Fuchs, Julie Plante, Steve Rosenfield, Fred Mayer, Don Hetherington, John McMahon and Judy MacDonald for their work and support in the MSC.


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