On Monday October 16 2006, Matthieu Sossoyan’s Archeology class visited the Musée Communautaire des Soeurs de Sainte-Croix, located in the rotunda of the Pavillon St-Joseph. The visit lasted over one hour and was quite memorable. This was the first time Vanier students visited the Sisters of Sainte-Croix, the founders of the schools that would eventually become Vanier College in 1970.

During their visit, the students were asked to proceed with a treasure hunt inviting them to explore all aspects of the museum, big and small. The students were impressed with the museum and the friendliness of the Sisters. At the same time, the Sisters came away with very favorable opinion and impression of Vanier students. The Musée Communautaire des Soeurs de Sainte-Croix is open to all individuals or groups. Entrance is free. For more information, please contact Sisters Thérèse Roy or Hermine Laurin at (514) 747-6132, local 404. We invite you to view a selection of photos taken during the visit.

Sisters Thérèse Roy (left) and Hermine Laurin (right); who are in charge of the museum.

Sister Thérèse Roy welcoming the students

Sister Hermine Laurin welcoming the students

Karine and Konstantine examing the detail of the statue of a founding Sister

The first gallery in the museum provides a historical overview
of what would eventually become Vanier College.

Sister Thérèse Roy answering the questions of Giovanni and Cory

Students looking at the many books published about the Sisters of Sainte-Croix

Heather, Konstatina and Karine looking into a glass display of precious artifacts

Glass displays are carefully examined by a few students

Sister Hermine Laurin answering some questions

A wide view of the museum

Shady, Michael, Cory and Karenina trying to solve a few mysteries of the treasure hunt

Sr. Laurin explaining the evolution of the Sisters' dress over time

Students paying close attention to Sr. Laurin

Another wide shot of the museum

A statue of the Virgin Mary that was located in a small niche just above the main entrance
of the Sisters' first permanent school in Canada, in today's location of Vanier's E Building
(See Maison Sainte-Marie, in this page from the History of Vanier College website.)

A small sample of the many photographs depicting Vanier's past. The top photo
shows the Vanier campus from Sainte-Croix Boulevard as it appeared in the 1950s.

Tarek (right), Michael (left) and Tavia (sitting) thinking about what to write in the visitors book

A display showing the evolution of the Sister's dress over time.
All dolls and clothing are handmade by the Sisters.

Historical background:

The Sainte-Croix congregation was founded in 1837 by Basile Moreau, in Le Mans (France). In 1841, a small group of Brothers of Sainte-Croix create the famous Notre-Dame University in Indiana. Also in 1841, Basile Moreau adds a group of Sisters to his Congregation. In 1847, a small group of these Sisters (Soeurs Marianites) are sent to Canada to create an educational institution for girls in the small village of Saint-Laurent. This small school would eventually evolve into two large institutions: Pensionnat Notre-Dame-des-Anges and Collège Basile-Moreau. In 1968, both of these schools are closed, and replaced by Vanier College. Since its foundation in 1837, the Sainte-Croix Congregation has been involved in educational and mission work all around the world.