Friday night, April 28, 2006, saw our annual presentation of The Night of Nations. This year was no exception to the rule as the audience was treated to an evening of great cultural performances. We had the soulful songs of the gospel, the mystical and entrancing dances from India, the energizing rhythms of the soca song and dance. We listened to wonderful and talented singers who entertained us with their fine Italian, R & B, French Canadian, and classic pop songs. The auditorium was truly jumping to sounds and rhythms of Africa and the wonderful Spanish (Mexican) singers. This was truly a magical night for performers and audience members, alike.

A big thank you to the members of C.O.R.E. Plus +, the organizers of this event, the performers and to the following people for helping to make the night a resounding cultural success:
Our wonderful MCs - Amy Green and Junora Etienne
Auditorium Technicians - Joe Della Salla and Sabino Della Salla
Vanier Security (Otto and his staff) for their continued support and excellent services
Graphic Artists - Jennifer Green and Jason Leonard
Student Services Staff - For all that you contribute to this evening (especially Doreen Hamel!)
Videographer - Matteo Napoli for a great job under difficult circumstances.
Web page / L.I.T.C. - Michael Starenky and Denis Lafontaine for helping us to look so good on the web!
And all our families and friends who supported us and helped make this night a resounding success!!


South African Anthem - "Nkasi Sikeleli Africa" - Kinani Danielle Kayijuka

Soca Song and Dance - "Ruff Wine" Singer: Tarique Jones
Dancers: Naima Dubois, Rebecca Apiah, Janet Osei and Ann Perrin

R & B Song - "Cater 2 You" Abbigale Brusch

Mexican Song - Armonia - Jennifer Schultz, Stephanie Symons, Robin Standford, Julie Chehade, Ellen Bourque
and Laurie Bennet (not in order)

Italian Song - "Un Estate Con Te" - Nunzia Pietrangelo

Indian Dance - "Mehboob Mere" - Hasina Fazeli

Indian Dance - "Kajre Re" - Nyati Tandon

Gospel / Step - "Lift Him Up High" Paula Désiré , Naima Dubois, Rebecca Appiah, Joseline Pierre, Guerline Senat
and Lenciana Desrosier

Gospel Songs - Vanier Gospel Choir - Alexander Tiffany, Nellie Joseph, Auguste Ngendahayo , Matthew Regis, Emmanuelle Guillet, Gemima Ernest, Liz Griffith
and Joseline Pierre

French / English Songs - Karine Daigle

Classical Indian Dance - "Bharatha Natyam" - Kirishanthy Sivagopal

Classical Indian Dance - Kirishanthy Sivagopal

African Dance - "Africana Roots"

African Dance - "Africana Roots" - Rebecca de Comarmond, Janet Osei, Rebecca Appiah, Emilie Gamelin, Sheila Adusei, Beryl Ananti
and Ann Perin

Kiri and friends

MCs Amy Green
and Junora Etienne

MCs Amy Green
and Junora Etienne with Doug Miller

Core Plus + - Organizers

Core Plus + - Organizers

Thank you for helping us celebrate our many wonderful cultures here at Vanier College!