The Bold, the Bald, and the Cure
by Vanessa Lalonde-Robert
Photographs by Howard Siroky

(Article originally appeared in The Echo Online, November 2005)

It will kill one out of 25 Canadian women and make one out of nine suffer. This bearer of ill fortune is breast cancer. Three Vanier College members have decided to help fight the battle by shaving their heads for a hefty price- $2000.

October has been declared as the breast cancer month where organizations come together to fight against breast cancer and find a cure. The Mix 96 radio station offered to shave the heads of those who raised $2000 for the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation. A representative from Mix 96 and a hairdresser from La Coupe Downtown were at Vanier College during Universal Break on October 26th to shave three heads.

Mary Johnson, a teacher in Early Childhood Education and two students from Vanier, Catherine Varvaro and Philip Tomlinson, were the three participants for the 2005 Shave to Save. Mary Johnson joked about the fact that she wanted to shave but more seriously she adds, “I know people affected by breast cancer and I participate in a lot of events related to breast cancer.”

As previously mentioned, each participant was asked to raise $2000 to be eligible for the Shave to Save event. Two grand is a fair amount of money and Catherine Varvaro adds, “It is hard to raise since there are a lot of events for the cause this year and people are asked more to give money.” Her main strategy was to ask family and friends who have already financially supported her during the Shave to Save last year.

The event itself took place in Jake’s Mall. The VCSA, along with a DJ entertained the crowd with music and food, such as chips and candies, and created a lounge-like ambiance. Voluntary contributions were asked from the spectators and food was sold to continue accumulating money for the foundation. The event ended when the VCSA gave a $6000 check to the Quebec Breast Cancer foundation. As bonus publicity, the event was broadcast on Mix 96 on the same day.

Mix 96’s Shave to Save ended on Monday October 31st with a special event at the Fairview Pointe Claire Shopping Centre.

If Vanier students are interested in the event, they can participate only by going to the VCSA and tell them they want to shave their heads fort the event. The best time to sign up is at the beginning of the fall semester.

Did you know that?
Breast Cancer also occurs, in less than 1% of the cases, in the male population.