Student Services presents
Every semester, Student Development and Orientation invites the White Tiger group for a 6-hour intensive personal defense course for our female population. During this course, participants learn several physical and nonphysical techniques including ground techniques, how to escape from someone choking you or grabbing your wrist, as well as several other maneuvers designed especially for women. Also, there are role play scenarios of potentially dangerous situations and a personal safety education segment on various issues such as date rape, street safety, abusive relationships and drug induced sexual assaults.

This course is a must for every woman and we encourage participants to sign up with their family members, too! For more information on the next scheduled classes, please contact Dany Brown in C 203E or call her at 744-7500 ext. 7884. Read a testimonial from a participant from 2005.

View a two-minute slideshow of the 2005 session.
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