March 8, 2005 - the 21st ANNUAL CHAMPAGNE BREAKFAST
photos of other Women's Week events


Guest speaker Marcela Vega.

2005 marked the 21st Annual Women's Champagne Breakfast.
Flautist Kerianne Wilson and Music teacher Jocelyne LaSalle provided background music as the guests filed past the buffet table.
The event was sold out to 110 guests, comprised of college faculty, staff and students.
Pat Dichmann was the Mistress of Ceremonies.
Raffle tickets were sold for 5 beautiful prizes with all proceeds going to the Fran Davis Scholarship Award. More than 50 door prizes were given out and every guest left with a mini Bath Spa Gift Bag.

Eleven very talented music students performed songs from the 1940s
with Music teacher Erica Phare conducting and accompanying.

Marilyn Bicher, Lisa Jorgensen and Pat Tedford enjoy breakfast.

Bag Ladies before their stage appearance: Shirley Pettifer, Pat Dichmann and Janet Perkins.
This year's "Bag Ladies" skit, written by Gale Martin, took us back in time to the year 1945,
when the girls' paths first crossed in a little bar and grill.

Bag Ladies: Gloria DiMurro (Gert), Pat Dichmann (Bert) and Shirley Pettifer (Myrt).

Arlene Steiger and Judith Crawley.
Judith, a recently retired faculty member, was recognized for her contribution to the Women's Studies program
and was presented with a gift by Arlene.

Fran Davis, who recently retired, gave a very warm speech about this year's Woman of the Year.
Arlene Steiger was recognized for her generous commitment and contribution
to the Vanier Community and Women's Studies.

 Arlene Steiger accepting the Woman of the Year Award.

Arlene Steiger giving her acceptance speech.

The guest speaker this year was Marcela Vega.
She gave a very heartfelt speech reliving her family's struggles since they fled Columbia in 2001.

Marcela Vega with her mom, Mireya.

The Breakfast Committee (left to right):
Kay Spooner, Gloria DiMurro, Arlene Steiger, Nora Soukiassian, Pat Dichmann, Shirley Pettifer, Karen Runnels.

This annual event is made possible by the help and support of the Breakfast Committee Members and numerous volunteers, as well as by contributions from various departments and associations within the College and from the outside community.

Champagne Breakfast photos by Judith Lermer Crawley and Nora Soukiassian

March 7-11, 2005

photos of other Women's Week events

Monday, March 7:  Women Crossing Boundaries: Peace Building in the Middle East. The Lea Roback Memorial Lecture featuring three visiting Fellows from Palestine, Israel, Jordan in the McGill Middle East Program in Civil Society and Peace Building.

Wednesday, March 9: Men Against Sexism. A panel discussion on Exploring Masculinity, moderated by Fran Davis. Panel members (left to right): Marc Belanger, Teacher, Sociology; Grant Robinson, Vanier Student; Eric Lamoureux, Teacher, History; Paul Vadan, Vanier Student.

Wednesday, March 9: Musical Collective Kalmunity provided live organic improv music during Universal Break. Exploring the sounds of hip-hop, reggae, R&B, soul, jazz and spoken word, Kalmunity is dedicated to promoting art as an activist tool for social, political and environmental consciousness as well as respect and harmony.

Departments, programs and students in the Sociology of Health mounted displays throughout the College.




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