The thing about Fran

The thing about Fran, all will agree
Is the way that she turns all the "I"s into "we"s
She loves to see others' confidence beam
There's never a project without a team.

The thing about Fran, I've always felt
Is that she never hits below the belt
Power she's had and power she's shared
Straight as an arrow, no arrow tip bared.

Fair-minded and balanced all of the time
An art for pure prose and an ear for the rhyme
She'll ask for your loved ones and the hated ones too
If we're not in this together, what can we do?

And the thing about Fran, all would admit
Is into a round hole a square peg she'll fit
If it can't be done, she'll do it anyway
For how can she sleep, with a dragon to slay?

Her way with dull words is simply superb
Juggling the gerunds, nouns and verbs
Poetry, prose, drama and speech
Shining the lingo, no need to screech.

She is serious, hard-headed, always an agenda
Spelling, grammar, minutes, addenda
But when there's a joke in these fields of clover
Fran's laughing hard till she's all bent over.

She was our best teacher down through the years
Working in the trenches, spoon-feeding the poor dears
For another four years she's managed us fuddy-duddies
But she's leaving us now, as Queen of
Science and General Studies.

The thing about Fran is compassion and kindness
Her soft, soft heart has no narrow mindedness
Yet her hard, hard, work has won great renown
Fran Davis - the jewel in the Vanier crown.

by Johnny Wisdom/NC (a.k.a. Jock Mackay)
28 May, 2004