On June 3rd, friends and colleagues of Fran Davis gathered to express both their affection for her as well as gratitude for all she has done to enrich their lives here at Vanier. The reception was organized by a
small committee with special contributions from Frances Feehan and Wanda Kalina, and the help of several faculty and staff members. We'd like to share some photos that were taken that day as well as a couple of media files. One is a video clip of highlights from the party and the other is slideshow created by Patti Kingsmill with her own pictures, some of which appear in the photos section below. Other photos appearing on this page are courtesy of Jacqui Paull and Marcel Perez.

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The festivities began with a slate of speakers and musical performances.

Head Table: Michael Macchiagodena, Peter Ross, Fran Davis and Fred Mayer

Audience members greatly enjoyed the speeches.

Fran with Fred Mayer at the Head Table

A delicious buffet was offered to all in attendance.

Sue Harrison did a wonderful job as the MC for the festivities.


Director General Michael Macchiagodena

Academic Dean Peter Ross

Beverly Steele from the Ministry of Education

Allan Patenaude, Board of Directors, Association of Teachers of English in Quebec

Jock Mackay read a poem he wrote for the occasion
(read the full text)

Hode Erdogan

Judy Macdonald

Former student and published author Lori Weber now teaches at John Abbott College

Neil Caplan

Stan Unger

Arlene Steiger

Ron Curtis

A special musical performance by Patti Kingsmill, Neil Caplan and Doug Miller

Sue Harrison and Stan Unger listen to the group with obvious amusement

Fran is obviously touched by Michael's words

Fran thanks those in attendance for their warm wishes

Frances Feehan presents Fran with a digital camera


Fran with Fred Mayer

Fran and Marcel Perez

Dean Heather Lewis and Fran

Fran, Marleigh Greaney and Frank Greaney

Fran and Mary Spoel

Neil Caplan, Fran and Marilyn Caplan

Nora Soukiassian, Fran and Kay Spooner

Frances Feehan, Claude Campbell and Fran

Fran and Ganesh Harilal

Gretta Nemiroff and Fran

Neil clowns with Fran

Jock MacKay, Fran and Dean Fred Macdonald

Keith Barrett and Fran

Nora Soukiassian, Wanda Kalina and Fran

Jacqui Paull and Fran

Janice Paquette and Fran


Bev Chandler and Pat Tedford

Bjorn Urhammer

Marilyn Caplan, Peter Ross and Neil Caplan

Fred Mayer, Pat Tedford and Marcel Perez

Helena Dedic and Keith Barrett

Uta Choudhery, Sylvie Tardif, Hode Erdogan and Tony Distefano

Judith Lermer Crawley and Gretta Nemiroff

Willie Brown

Pat Tedford, Lori Weber and Ron Curtis

Tony Distefano and Louise Gauthier

Shirley Pettifer, this year's Teaching Excellence Award winner.