On Friday, April 30, 2004, the Vanier College auditorium was filled to capacity for the annual Nite of Nations performance and those in attendance will agree that there was no shortage of amazing talent or exciting energy. Our students represented some of the many cultures that span our globe. They proudly represented Canada, Italy, India, Haiti, Spain, Ireland, Persia, the Philippines and Hawaii, Africa and several Caribbean countries. We witnessed the sweet rhythms of the Baladi (Belly Dance) and the gyrating beat of reggae, hip hop and the beautiful sweet swaying rhythms of Zouk. We also heard the soulful sounds of gospel, rhythm and blues and a mesmerizing Spanish and Italian love songs and much much more.
Once again, our extremely talented students have made the Nite of Nations a resounding success. A" big up" of appreciation goes to all the very talented performers and musicians. As well, we wish to thank C.O.R.E. Connection and Student Services for their relentless efforts to continue bringing us this wonderful evening. Hope to see you next year. We present you now some photos and a video clip of some of this year's performers.


MCs for this year's Nite of Nations:

Sarah St. Fleur & Andre Roch

C.O.R.E. Organizing Committee

Singing of the national anthem:

Tanya Jenkins

2 Marvelous:

Lincoln & Leah McKesey

Haitian Conspiracy: (Haitian Dance)

Syndie Charles, Valerie Theramot, Alexandra Dorval,
Maureen Jean Louis, Gasmine Jean Baptiste, Melissa Agnant

Caribbean Galz (African Dance):

Mavis Arthur, Ann Perin, Beryl Anati, Keesha Smith,
Zandra Baptista, Helina Owusu, Anita Nana Boakye

DMC & Friends (Filipino-Hawaiian Dance)

Diane Mendigorin, Cathy Basallotte, Desiree Yadao,
Irene Shayne Martinez, Christinnae Valenzuela, Maria Valerie Acebedo

Caribbean Pearls (Haitian Dance)

Loucy Cherubin, Shirley Georges, Odie Miller Maboungou,
Elsa Dure Gabriel, Nathalie Joseph, Sarah St. Fleur

Persian Dance

Mina Marzieh Egtesadi

Las Gatikas (Spanish song)

Erin Linares & Cynthia Pampin

Hindi Dance: "Dharkan Heartbeat"

(Front) Purna Bhattacharya, Syeda Marzana Mahi, Kristina Lal
(Back) Frankson Osman, Nimal Asirvatham, Jiya Ahmad

Song Duet

Evangeline Morand & Guerline Senat