Sunday, April 4, 2004

On Sunday, April 4, about 250 new Science students came to Vanier College for a Welcome and Orientation Day. They came first to the auditorium, many with their parents, and were greeted by a Musical Prelude by Vanier Music Students. From eleven o'clock until noon, there was an information session, including a welcome by the Academic Dean, four information/welcome bites by current Vanier Science students, and a Science Program Overview by Academic Advisor Debora Resnick.

Following the presentation, students were guided to the workshops they had chosen in their on-line pre-registration. Mostly workshops were hands-on interactive labs with a Science or Mathematics teacher; there was also a workshop for parents, one for students coming from French high schools and one for students interested in Science Plus. Students and parents could also
elect to take a tour of the resource areas.

The final session was held in the student mall, where door prizes were awarded, lunch was served, winning Science Fair projects were on display, and more information was offered on an individual basis...


After a welcoming address presented by Vanier Academic Dean Peter Ross (left),
Fran Davis, Dean of the Faculty of Science & General Studies (right) served as MC.

Peter Ross delivers his address to those in attendance.

Catherine Tsoulvatsidis (left) was one of four students who talked about their
different experiences at Vanier. On the right are fellow speakers Cheng Wei Xiao,
Steven Reiter and Geneviève Lessard (who is just out of sight on the right).
Click here for our audio page to listen to their wonderful speeches.

Debora Resnick of Academic Advising gave a nine-minute
presentation entitled "Introduction to the Science Program".

(If you missed this important and informative lecture,
click here
for our audio page to listen to it now.)


English faculty members John Stavrianos and Mariopi Spanos (left) conduct a
workshop on Making the Transition from French High School to English College.

Student and parents congregate outside the Science Faculty Dean's office.

Students explore fractals on the computers in the Science Smart Lab, B429.

Students have an animated discussion about Symmetry in Math Problems.

Bonnie Russell of Academic Advising speaks to the parents.

Parents attend the seminar "Everything you wanted to
know about CEGEP but were afraid to ask your kids".

Rose De Souza of the library discusses academic resources available here at Vanier.

John Popovitch of Student Services informs students
of the many services offered by his department.

Teacher Sandy Glashan talks to two students about DNA.

Experiment on Colour in the Chem lab, with teacher John Tromp.

Further experiments in the Chemistry Lab.

Chemistry teacher John Tromp poses with two students.

Biology teacher Ramesh Bhatnagar demonstrates the basics of frog dissection.

Another lab demonstration begins, this time led by teacher Nick Deligiannis.

Students use a special scope to view the results of this experiment.

Teacher Don Hetherington plays a recorder while inputting the wave file into a computer.

Student Sara Dixon, presents her prize winning project on the West Nile Virus.
This project won her first place in the 2004 Science Fair at Vanier College.

Physics teacher Don Hetherington demonstrates the acoustic properties of an empty pop bottle.

Teacher Maria Panzuto answers students' questions.

Teacher Hermine Janjanian leads students in another activity.

Lab technician Fil Santonastaso (center), talks with two students.