Left: The beloved Bag Ladies --
Gert (Gloria Di Murro)
Myrt (Shirley Pettifer)
and Bert (Pat Dichmann).

2004 marked the 20th year of the Vanier College Annual Women's Champagne Breakfast. A large crowd of 124 women attended this year's event, comprised of college faculty and staff members as well as students.

Pat Dichmann was the Mistress of Ceremonies, with an assist from Fran Davis, who read a poem written by Gloria Di Murro.

Flute students Kimberley Thibault and Kerianne Wilson, joined by soprano Jennifer Audet and faculty member Jocelyne Lasalle at the piano, performed a piece by Bach.

A skit, written by Gale Martin and performed by the 'Bag Ladies' (Pat Dichmann, Gloria Di Murro and Shirley Pettifer) was a regular and much anticipated part of the program.

This year's guest speaker, singer and songwriter Priya Thomas, inspired the guests with her speech and her performance.

The Breakfast Committee surprised Nora Soukiassian, coordinator of the Breakfast, by honouring her as Woman of the Year for her many contributions to the Vanier community.

Raffle tickets were sold for seven beautiful prizes which were generously donated. $500 was collected and all proceeds were given to a needy Vanier student. Over 70 door prizes were given out and every guest left with a gift basket.

This annual event is made possible by the help and support of the Breakfast Committee Members and numerous volunteers, as well as by contributions from various departments and associations within the College and from the outside community.

Now, some pictures taken at this year's festivities: (Photos by Judith Lermer Crawley and Nora Soukiassian.)

Kimberley Thibault (left) and Kerianne Wilson, flutists.

Arlene Steiger, Kay Spooner and Karen Tennenhouse

 Fran Davis

 Soprano Jennifer Audet (left), flute students Kimberley Thibault and Kerianne Wilson,
and faculty member Jocelyne Lasalle at the piano (not shown), perform a work by J.S. Bach.

Left to right: Bert (Pat Dichmann), Myrt (Shirley Pettifer), and Gert (Gloria Di Murro).


Guest speaker Priya Thomas, singer and songwriter, first speaks to those in attendance...

... and then delights the crowd by performing some of her songs.

Pat Dichmann, Mistress of Ceremonies

Kay Spooner

Arlene Steiger

 Guests enjoying the breakfast

 Nora Soukiassian, Woman of the Year

 Nora Soukiassian, Woman of the Year
Nora with her sidekick Kay Spooner

 Best friends Nora and Barb Armstrong
Nora and her mom, Anne Soukiassian

 Breakfast Committee & volunteers: (front row) Gill Bowman, Anne Soukiassian, Arlene Steiger,
Judith Lermer Crawley, Nora Soukiassian, Kay Spooner, Barb Armstrong and Pat Dichmann.
(back row) Shirley Pettifer, Karen Runnels & Gloria Di Murro