Vanier Welcomes Vieux-Montréal Students
February 5 and February 11, 2004


John Wilkinson, an English teacher at Cégep du Vieux-Montréal who is also in charge of his college's intercultural service, proposed two class visits to Vanier so that students from a Francophone college would have the opportunity to visit an anglophone college.

The Learning Centre at Vanier then worked with John and two Vanier Sociology teachers, Janice Paquette and Marilyn Bicher, to arrange the exchange.

The language students prepared questions concerning language and its usage in different circumstances, and the sociology students made up questions on culture, family, and relationships. When the Vieux students arrived from downtown, the students were divided into groups with representatives from each college included in each group. The students soon became involved in lively and fruitful discussions.

At the end of the session, representatives from the different groups were asked to comment on the similarities and differences between the students of Vanier and the students from Vieux. They all agreed that French was the language of love! More importantly, they discovered that, while different, they were basically all the same. The energy was so positive that the students were disappointed when the time ran out and they unanimously voted to have a reciprocal visit to Vieux-Montréal later in the semester.

The Learning Centre is grateful to the Service interculturel collégial (SIC) for being the catalyst for these exciting visits. As well, the Centre extends its thanks to the Ministry of Education and its program Soutien à l'intégration des communautés et à l'éducation interculturelle au collégial.

We invite you now to view some photos taken during the exchange visits.

John Wilkinson's English and Janice Paquette's Sociology
classes on the first of two exchanges between the colleges

Event organizers Professor John Wilkinson (left) of Cégep du
Vieux-Montréal and Professor Janice Paquette of Vanier College

A mix of backgrounds

Add the universal language of food

... and cross-cultural bridges naturally occur!

Intense and focused

Along with some fun...

and more pizza...

all adds to fueling the discussion.

The groups were mixed and randomly assigned.

Notes were kept for the reporting session and for later class work.

Everyone appreciated the exchange of ideas.

New friendships were established.

Enjoyable and stimulating discussions...

...with people you've never met but with which you have so much in common.

Event organizers Vanier teacher Marilyn Bicher (left)
and John Wilkinson of Cégep du Vieux-Montréal.

Marilyn Bicher makes the proceedings fun and upbeat.

The Learning Centre provided a great ambiance for what
proved to be a rewarding and enjoyable experience.