Wednesday, June 18, 2003, 8:00 p.m.
Welcome, Vanier Graduating Class of 2003,
family and friends, faculty and staff of the College,
to Place des Arts for this year's Graduation Ceremony.


The backstage preparations               
  Graduates assemble in their caps and gowns  





College staff also get ready:



Helen Bastos assists Norm Lewis and David Peters with their gowns

Caroline Hanrahan and Julie Plante share a laugh

Martin Siborok works on his speech                               

  Some moments from the ceremony [click for the Order of Proceedings


Michael Macchiagodena, Director General of the College, delivers the Opening Address.

Accompanied by the Vanier College Stage Band, 
Emilie White sings  O CANADA

  Greetings to the Graduating Class   



William Hodges, outgoing Chairperson
of the Board of Directors

Deborah Buszard, incoming Chairperson
of the Board of Directors

  Diplomas and awards are presented [click for lists of Awards and Scholarships



Caitlin Myles, winner of The Governor General Award, presented by Deborah Buszard.

Michael Macchiagodena,
Director General of the College, presents the
Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation Excellence Awards.

Caitlin Myles [Provincial Level]

Mélodie Adler [Provincial Level]

Latoya Campbell [Local Level]

     Peter Ross, Academic Dean, presents the Academic Excellence Awards. 


Yaël Abikhzer

 Mélodie Adler

 David Carozza

 Jamil Chammas  

Joëlle Frank

 Robert Karpman

Caitlin Myles

Jesse Searle
  [Click for a complete list of the Academic Excellence Award winners]


Caitlin Myles receives the
Vanier College Foundation Scholarship,
presented by William Hodges.

Anita David presents the Gustav Levinschi Scholarships.

 Yaël Abikhzer

 Cynthia De Luca
  [Click for a complete list of the Gustav Levinschi Scholarship winners]  

Peggy McCoy, Student Services,
presents the
Student Life Awards.

Mélodie Adler

Imran Bhatty

 Kurt Blagden

Charlini Rasaratnam

 Ricardo Rosa
[Click for a complete list of Student Life Award winners]

Allan Insleay, Industrial Electronics, winner of the Vanier College Teaching Excellence Award.

Saba Ishaq, Health Science graduate,

After the ceremony:

the graduates, their friends and family. [click for list of Graduates in Attendance

 Congratulations to all !



 Kurt and Peggy


 Ricardo holds his Student Life Award as Gloria looks on


 Graduation flowers and gifts!


Well done, Samantha


 Pui Man and Man Shun


 Melanie holds her diploma with her proud son by her side


Many thanks to the volunteers who helped to make this evening a success!


Helen Bastos, Annabelle Kennedy, Nora Soukiassian, Dorothy Fothergill, Dale Robinson,
Angie Alberico, Nicky Orsini, Marisa Canatelli, Gilda Gangai


Photographs by Dale Robinson.