We cannot say enough about the entire coaching staff of Vanier College. In addition to the time the athletes spend for games and practices- the coaching staff are also spending countless hours on scouting, recruiting and preparation for practices and games. Most of us have no idea as to what kind of time these coaches devote to you and the program and on that basis alone each one of them is worthy of receiving this award.

The person we have chosen to honor this year has been a long time member of the Vanier community. He was a student/athlete here and an assistant coach before working himself up the ranks to assume head coaching responsibilities.

Surrounding himself with good people, his assistant coaches are an extremely knowledgeable and dedicated crew. It is important to work with people that you like and respect when you spend as much time together as they do in the gym and on the road.

Leading his team to a second place finish in a very competitive league, he accomplished what all coaches strive for- to have your team "peak" at the right time of the season. The team finished the season by winning their last game of the year and bringing home the Championship banner.

His team performed an almost unheard of accomplishment this year when they were honored by the league by being named the winners of the "Ethique Sportif" banner. The leadership that he has shown for his team to be so honored is a wonderful testament to his coaching abilities.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that BENGI VIDICEK from AA Basketball, is this year's Coach of the Year.

Presented by Director of Administrative Services and Secretary General, Sam Kay, who is also in charge of the Athletics Department

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