This award recognizes those student-athletes who have achieved an academic average of 80% or higher in the last two semesters. We are pleased to announce that during this past year we have several student-athletes who have met these criteria.

Ladies and Gentlemen please applaud the efforts of these dedicated student-athletes as they come forward to receive their award.........

From the Rugby team: Lisa Howey
From the Rugby team: Jen Osterman
From the Soccer Team: Ahmed Ibrahim
From the Flag Football team: Isabelle Bourque
From the Rugby team: Emma Elliot
From the Football team: William Miller
From the Rugby Team: Mark Paradis
From the Rugby team: Judith Richardson

Accepting the plaque on behalf of all the athletes who are listed on the academic achievement award are two students who are tied with averages of 92.5%.

From the Soccer team, studying in Communications, Angele Beaulieu. And from the Rugby team, studying in the Health Science: Science Plus program, Amy Ann Pronovost.

PRESENTED by Dean Fran Davis

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