Left: The famous Bag Ladies --
Bert (Pat Dichmann), Myrt (Shirley Pettifer) and Gert (Gloria Di Murro)

2003 marked the 19th year of the Vanier College Annual Women's Champagne Breakfast. The event was attended by 85 women, college faculty and staff members as well as students. Pat Dichmann was the Mistress of Ceremonies, with an assist from Fran Davis, who read a poem written by Gloria Di Murro. Sylvie Brunetta of Brunetta Etc.! Communications (Concert Promoter) was this year's guest speaker, who shared her experiences as a woman in the music industry. Musical entertainment was provided by our music students, organized by Nadia Turbide and Dany Brown. The ‘Woman of the Year' was Nadia Turbide, Coordinator of the Music Department. Presentations by Sharleen Chin (Executive Director of the Vanier College Foundation) and Erica Phare (Music Faculty member and Choir Director) paid tribute to Nadia's many contributions to the Vanier community. A skit, written by Gale Martin and performed by the ‘Bag Ladies' (Pat Dichmann, Gloria Di Murro and Shirley Pettifer) was as always a regular and much anticipated part of the program. Over 30 door prizes were handed out, including a grand prize of a half-day at Euro Spa presented by Sharleen Chin on behalf of the Vanier College Foundation. This annual event is made possible with the help and support of the Breakfast Committee Members, many volunteers and by contributions from various departments within the College. A very special thank you to Roger Guetta (Theatre Department) for all his help, and to Nora Soukiassian, Coordinator of Women's Breakfast Committee, for her tireless efforts on behalf of the event and for the photos shown here!

The Breakfast Committee Members with guest speaker Sylvie Brunetta and Woman of the Year Nadia Turbide. Back row: Shirley Pettifer, Barb Armstrong, Nora Soukiassian, Sylvie Brunetta.
Front Row: Nadia Turbide, Pat Dichmann, Gloria Di Murro, Arlene Steiger.

Woman of the Year Nadia Turbide.

Erica Phare of the Music Department.
 Guest Speaker Sylvie Brunetta. Pat Dichmann and Joanne Morgan.

Left: Fran Davis reading a poem by Gloria Di Murro

Above: Pat Dichmann, MC

Music student Sonia Benedetto
sings "On My Knees"

Left to right: Carina Mach (bass), Karen Ho (keys), Marcia Di Michele (drums) and Lisa Perusse (guitar) perform How Insensitive"

The Bag Ladies with their "creator"
Left to right: Myrt (Shirley Pettifer), Bert (Pat Dichmann), Gale Martin, and Gert (Gloria Di Muro).

Left to right: Gillian Bowman, Heather Lewis, Keri Hall, Denise Robert, Kay Spooner.

Left to right: Joanne Morgan, Nancy Wargny, Jean Chalk, Marcia Goldberg, Noreen Bider, Erica Phare.

(foreground) Left to right: Dany Brown, Nancy Wagny, Joanne Morgan, Jean Chalk.

Left to right: Joanne Cardone, Cynthia Cicci, Elena Esposito, Maria Melillo.