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in conjunction with CAMT and Physical Education


Directed by Lucie Mayer, Amahl and the Night Visitors was performed on Thursday, December 5, 7:30 p.m., at the St. Laurent Church as part of the traditional Vanier College Christmas Choir Concert. The first part of the program featured the Music Department Choir (Erica Phare, Director) and the Faculty Choir (Ari Snyder, Director) as well as the Vanier String Ensemble directed by Dragan Djerkic.

There was also a matinée performance of the opera on Saturday, December 7, at 2:00 p.m., at the Hudson Village Theatre.

A special benefit performance was held at 9 pm at the Hudson Village Theatre as part of a Christmas Gala Evening Fundraiser for The Vanier College Foundation. The performance followed a dinner at the Whitlock Golf and Country Club.


The principle cast of Amahl. From left to right: Naholi Allard, Mike Melino,
Jennifer Audet, Yves-Aimé Pierre, David Lafleur and Daniel Lortie.


Jennifer Audet as the mother and Naholi Allard as Amahl.

"Amahl and the Night Visitors" tells the story of a poor, crippled young boy who lives with his mother in a shepherd's hut and who is visited by the Three Kings as they follow the star to find the Christ Child. The neighboring villagers and shepherds appear bringing vegetables and fruit as gifts for the visitors and some take part in a folk dance. During the night when the desperate mother tries to steal the Kings' gold, Amahl defends her by beating off the Kings' Page with his crutch. The Kings forgive the mother and Amahl then offers his only possession to the Christ Child, his crutch, and is miraculously cured. When the procession departs, Amahl goes with them, to take his gift to the Child.

"Amahl and the Night Visitors" was written by Italian composer Gian Carlo Menotti who was lame as a child. He was taken to the holy sanctuary of Sacro Monte where he was miraculously cured. In 1951, he was commissioned by NBC to write a Christmas opera. Initially he despaired for a topic until he was inspired by the painting "The Adoration of the Magi" by Hieronymus Bosch. It has now become one of the most popular American operas.




The Village Dancers go through their routine in the Physical Education Dance Studio.


The principals from all the performances, from left to right: Annemarie Dansereau, Naholi Allard,
David LaFleur, Erica Phare, Mike Melino, Melodie Farkas and Jennifer Audet.



Students from Centre Laurier Macdonald make up the performers.


Professional make up artist and teacher at the Laurier Macdonald
Career Centre transforms Mike Melino into an aged King Kaspar.

Mike Melino


Lucie Mayer - Director
Erica Phare - Choir conductor
Jocelyne Fleury - Vocal coach
Roger Guetta - Stage lighting director
Sharleen Chin - Costume designer
Alana Horner and Roger Guetta - Visual effects
Myra David - Choreographer
Nadia Turbide - Coordinator
Kelly Struthers - Monfort - Oboist
David Hushion - Programme cover design

Costumes for Madrigal singers supplied by Karen

Make up by the students of Centre Laurier-Macdonald
Career Centre

SPECIAL THANKS TO ST. WILLIBRORD CHURCH, VERDUN for providing the materials for the costumes.

 Show Time


The dancers

From left to right: Mike Melino as the Page, Daniel Lortie as King Belthazar, Yves-Aimé Pierre as King Melchior and Guillaume Colas as King Kaspar (Saturday Matinee performance).

Saturday Matinee performance with Melodie Farkas as Amahl.

Saturday Evening performance with David Lafleur as King Kaspar and Jennifer Audet as the mother.

Saturday Matinee performance with Anne-Marie Dansereau as the mother.

The full cast for the Saturday Evening show.

The Saturday Matinee show cast.


Mother: Jennifer Audet
/ Anne-Marie Dansereau

Amahl: Naholi Allard
/ Melodie Farkas

Kaspar: Guillaume Colas
/ David Lafleur / Mike Melino

Melchior: Yves-Aimé

Belthazar: Daniel Lortie

Page: Guillaume Colas
/ David Lafleur / Mike Melino


Sopranos: Lisa Perusse / Jennifer Federico
Altos: Robin Stanford / Erica Phare / Angelina Leggo
Tenor: Vincent Desmarchais
Bass: Owen Nagels

Eun Jee Lee
Michael Tessier
Kimberley Thibeault

Rehearsal pianist: Pit Ling Lau.


 After the Shows


Alto Angelina Leggo and Soprano Jennifer Federico of the Madrigal Singers.

The Madrigal Singers: Tenor Vincent Desmarchais, Altos Erica Phare and Robin Stanford,
Sopranos Jennifer Federico and Lisa Perusse, Bass Owen Nagels and Alto Angelina Leggo.

From left to right standing:
Sharleen Chin, Jennifer Audet, Yves Aimé Pierre, Mike Melino, David Lafleur, Daniel Lortie and Lucie Mayer.
Sitting from left to right are Naholi Allard and Erica Phare.

Erica Phare and Lucie Mayer.

The flutists, from left to right: Michael Tessier, Eun-Jee Lee and Kimberly Thibeault.


Sharleen Chin - Executive Director of The Vanier College Foundation
David Johnson - Academic Advisor
Hilda Schwartz - Assistant to the Director General
Silvana Canatelli - Administrative Assistant to the Director General
Roy Hartling - Communications Officer
Gloria Di Murro - Graphics Designer (Printing Department)
John Neysmith - Foundation Board member


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