The Vanier College Foundation's
Annual Golf Tournament 2002


On Friday, May 31st, 2002, The Vanier College Foundation held its annual golf tournament or as it turned out, rain tournament at the Hemmingford Golf Club. For those who can recall that fateful weekend in Montreal, it rained so hard, even the Decarie Expressway was flooded out.

The day started out with much promise of glorious sunshine. However, those burning rays turned out to be a cruel weather ploy. Just as golfers were ready to head out to the carts, the heavens opened with torrential force.

Everyone ran for cover, many did not make it in time and were soaked right through (fortunately most had an extra change of clothes in their cars). Even the golf bags started to fill up with water! We could see the greens turning into lagoons right in front of our eyes and finally, the club officially closed the course. Although they generously offered rainchecks to the golfers who were happy at the gesture of good will, the question remained as to how to save the day after such a dousing? So volunteers and golfers alike did as any red-blooded Vanier College Foundation supporter would do - party!

The prizes were quickly displayed on the tables, the beer jugs filled up and the golf tournament metamorphosed into a fun filled, boisterous raffle of more than 50 prizes. It was followed by a hilariously hosted Hall of Fame induction ceremony of former Vanier College Athletes. Later, a first-class, sit-down dinner was served to all in the elegant dining room where the final inductee award was given to Caroline Woolrich.

Ironically, even though the golf tournament it self was a wash out, this was the most financially successful tournament held by The Foundation. It was due to the generous sponsorship of companies plus a sold-out course. The tournament raised over $15,000 which goes towards scholarships, bursaries and for equipment.

We thank all from the bottom of our hearts for their wonderful enthusiastic participation at all levels and especially for not letting the rains dampen spirits. As one golfer commented after returning from inspecting the course, he could hear the laughter and cheers coming from the clubhouse and was amazed to see the happy spirits of everyone there. And if you don't believe this, check out the photos.

Judy Macdonald, Nita Cheong, Hilda Schwartz

Michel Lavoie, Nora Kelly, Dominque Savard and Chris Payne.

Nora Kelly pretends to take a swing with her golf umbrella.

Maura O'Shea strikes a pose with her golf umbrella.

Martin Généreux, Michel Marleau, Marc Desautels

Martin Généreux swings with his no. 8 cap.

'Parade of carts' taking off to their starting holes.

Nita Cheong, Silvana Canatelli, Sam Kay, Marissa Canatelli

The rains transformed a sand trap into a private beach with lagoon.

Volunteer Caroline Gates gets ready to jump into the sandtrap turned lagoon.

Which is the lake?

Volunteer and photographer for the day, Adam Sporer shows off his golf swing sans le club.

Table full of prizes which were raffled off.

Section of the fun crowd who stayed and had a GREAT time.

Master of Ceremonies Brent Sabino opens proceedings.

A great time was had by all - the beer didn't hurt either.

Keith Coffin, past hall of famer says a few words.

Rick Yuen poses with the plaque awarded to him.

Hall of famer, Donald John rises to get his award.

Ernie Rosa gets up for his award.

Hall of Famer, Denis Hinds addresses the crowd.

Hall of Famers: Donald John, Billy Voutzoumos, Denis Hinds, Mike Roy (front),
  Perry Douglas, Dino Perrin, Keith Coffin, Ernie Rosa and Rick Yuen