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> Vanier Newsmakers
  Vanier Newsmakers - 2010  
  - Jazz Festival, 2010  
  - Student Awards Ceremony (Some details) - More Photos from the Ceremony  
  - Night Of Nations  
  - Special Care Counselling Career Fair  
  - Walk for Wildlife  
  - International Women's Week  
  - Student Trip to Denmark  
  Vanier Newsmakers - 2009  
  - Hockey-Lucky Fundraiser  
  - Cultural Food Fair  
  - Toonie Tuesday  
  - Halloween Howl  
  - Old School Daze  
  - Alvyn Powell  
  - Community Resource Fair  
  - Welcome Week  
  - Malawi Study Trip  
  - Micro publishing and Hypermedia Vernissage  
  - Nite Of Nations  
  - Industrial Electronics Montreal Gazette Trip  
  - Team Award  
  - International Women's Week - 25th Annual Champagne Breakfast  
  - Health Promotion Fair  
  Vanier Newsmakers - 2008  
  - Open House  
  - Arcade Award  
  - Oratorio Terezin  
  - Women's Week Student Exhibition  
  - Health Promotion Fair  
  - Info Evening  
  - Retirement Party  
  - Earth Day  
  - May's CAMT Student Exhibition  
  - CAMT Faculty & Staff Art Exhibition  
  - Job Fair  
  - Women's Week  
  - February's CAMT Student Exhibition  
  - Science Technology Fair  
  - Faculty Music Concert  
  - Malawi Study Trip  
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