“I chose Vanier’s Audio Recording program for a number of reasons. All of the teachers really took the time to ensure that I was understanding everything. The fact that I was part of a 12 student group was great. You don’t get that kind of special attention in a large group. The facilities are top notch, the 6 month format of the program was ideal for me, the teachers are among the best in the country and the price just can’t be beat.”

– Jason (Jay) Pagliuca, Co-Owner Drunken Fiddler Recordings

“The reason that I chose Vanier was for the quality of its teachers who are devoted to their work and know how to communicate the passion that still ignites them when they go to work everyday. For it is truly a field in which passion and devotion to any and all of your projects must be given. Vanier’s teachers are as devoted to their students as to the work that they do.”

РChristian (Chris) Th̩roux, Television Sound Technician at TQS

“Audio Recording gave me the confidence to go out in a very competitive field and find work. I chose Vanier initially because of the price, however, upon graduating and meeting other grads of similar programs, I knew that I made the right choice for other reasons. Vanier teaches you what you need to know in 6 months for far less. Also, I truly believe that you will not find teachers anywhere else who have mastered their craft as much as the Vanier ones”

– Jonathan (Jon) Desjardins, Audio Engineer in a local cable television station

“After doing some research, I found that the Audio Recording program was affordable, the length of the program met my needs, and that it offered good “hands on” experience with audio equipment. Each instructor is well experienced and respected in his own field and they are always willing to go the “extra mile” for their students. Not only has the Audio Recording program well prepared me for my current dream job in radio, it has also helped me to find my first career job doing news editing for a local television station. Lastly, the program has given me the skills necessary for opening my own recording studio”.

– Tina Lulham, On-site Technician and Technical Producer, Astral Media

“This six month intensive, all purpose audio program will teach you everything you need to know to acquire a career as an audio professional. Employers recognize the AEC in Audio Recording Technology as a “rite of passage” to work in professional environments such as music recording studios, post-production houses, live events and interactive media industries. Take it from me, I knew close to nothing about the technicalities of audio or the industry methods of the music business before I took the program and now I have a promising career in my home town doing what I love all thanks to Vanier”.

– Sam Assoum, Sound Designer, Artificial Mind and Movement (Montreal based video game developer)

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