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by Denis Lafontaine
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August 16, 2013

Quebec wrestler Dorothy Yeats successfully defended her world junior wrestling crown in the 67 kg category on August 15th at this year's competition held in Sofia, Bulgaria.

"It's a great feeling to be able to keep my title," said Yeats. "It's also been very nice to have my father with me as a coach."

In the final of the Junior World Championships, Yeats defeated the home-town favourite, Bulgarian Dzhanan Manolova.

"It was an interesting final because, as we were in Bulgaria, the crowd was totally on his side. I'm glad I stayed strong and focused anyway."

Yeats wins at 2013 World Junior Wrestling Championships.
The referee raises Dory's hand, signalling her title victory

The Montrealer's championship run began with an 11-4 victory in the second round against Sweden's Moa Nygren. Yeats subsequently went on to easily defeat Turkish Kiymet Kocyigit 8-0 in the first period of their quarter-final duel. Then in the semifinals, the 20-year-old wrestler had not too much difficulty defeating Japanese wrestler Suzuki Kona 6-0 before going on to win the title over Bulgarian Dzhanan Manolova 4-1.

Dorothy surprised many by being a silver medalist at last year's World Senior Championships. Yeats will now attempt to climb on the highest podium of the 2013 edition of the Senior Championships which will be held in September 2013 in Budapest, Hungary.

Some information for this article was founnd in a French article on the TVA Sports website.

Note: You can view all of Dory's matches at the 2013 World Junior Championships from this website.

View a 7-minute video profile of Dorothy which was uploaded by Trans World Sport in July 2013:


The following article, written by Vanier Communications, was posted on the College website under the section, "Success Stories from the Vanier Community" in March 2013.

As a champion wrestler, Dorothy wanted to continue her sport and work with her coach, Victor Zilberman, who teaches at Vanier. As a highly ranked athlete, Dorothy knew she’d be competing a lot and would need the flexibility and accommodation offered through the Sport-Études program offered at Vanier.

From gymnastics to wrestling
Dorothy, who is a petite blonde with a fresh engaging smile and a face that radiates good health has been involved in sports all her life. Not surprising since her father, (seen with her at right) also a wrestler, went to the Olympics five times, and her uncle was World Champion.

But before turning to wrestling, Dorothy did gymnastics from the ages of 5 to 14. No surprises there either given that her mother was on the Hungarian national gymnastics team.

Click for a larger version of this photo.Dory and her father Doug Yeats

Success in short order
But in grade nine Dorothy decided to try wrestling and for a while did both sports. Within a few months she was already winning wrestling competitions and qualifying for the Nationals! “In less than a year I was already further in wrestling than I ever was in gymnastics! So I stopped gymnastics and concentrated on wrestling.”

Gymnastics and wrestling are very different sports so what does she like about wrestling?
“Wrestling is not predictable! It’s not like gymnastics where you have a set routine. With wrestling I had to change my mental approach and open my mind. When I’m wrestling I have to think about my opponent and change my moves and adjust my strategy.”

Does Dorothy have time for anything other than wrestling?
“Not really. I train two or three times a day, six days a week, thirty hours a week.”

What’s her typical day like?
“Every morning I work out from 7 to 9 am. I bike or play a modifi ed game of basketball with other wrestlers – modifi ed to give us a cardio workout. Then from 10 to 11:30 I have classes. At noon I jump in the pool for 60 laps. Then it’s back to class in the afternoon. At 6 pm I go back to the gym for wrestling practice or to work on wrestling techniques. There are five other wrestlers at Vanier. We’re all friends and we train together.”

Science Studies
But wrestling is not all there is to her life – there are also her classes. Dorothy who is in Science plans to study Engineering like her father who is a mechanical engineer. “I’m aiming for Concordia University because it has a wrestling program and my coach also works there.”

I’m glad I came to Vanier
“I never even considered going anywhere else.
I’m glad I came here. I don’t think I could have excelled at my sport anywhere else.”

Do more physical activity
Dorothy thinks young people don’t pay enough attention to physical activity. They see it as a tool for weight loss and not a health issue. So they don’t work out because they’re skinny. But it’s a lot harder to start working out later in life than when you’re young.”

Her Advice to Young People
“Find a passion and invest time in it.” “Through wrestling I learned the importance of hard work and how to be efficient with my time. If you have a lot of activities make a plan ahead of time – don’t just improvise. In high school kids have a schedule made for them but at Cegep you’re on your own. You’re independent but you need to plan.”

Future ambitions: 2016 Olympics
So what are the ambitions of this young woman who has won the Nationals every year since she started competing five years ago and who is headed for the World Championships in Thailand in the fall? “I’m aiming for the Olympics – like Martine Dugrenier, another Vanier champion wrestler. We’re friends and we train together. She has definitely inspired me and been a role model for me. I’d like to compete in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.”


In May 2013, Vanier College wrestler Dorothy Yeats was awarded a $5000 bursary from RDS (Réseau des sports).

She also was the recipient of a $500 prize from Fondations Desjardins in recognition of here tremendous sucesses in the world of international wrestling.

Dorothy was also the subject of an article about her past as well as her future aspirations which you can read in its entirety just below.

Congratulations once again, Dory!

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Vanier wrestling phenom Dorothy Yeats was the subject of an in-depth article which appeared in the Journal de Montréal of April 13, 2013.

The article describes Dorothy as the next "sure" thing for Canadian aspirations in the world of international wrestling for the next many years up to and including the 2016 Olympics which will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Click to read the whole article (en français).


Dorothy Yeats competed in the 67 kg category at the 2012 Junior World Championships in Pattaya, Thailand on September 6th.

After mowing through her initial opponents from Austria, USA and Japan, Dory then defeated Russia's Svetlana Babushkina in the fourth round finals to seal her title. (See the finals on video.)

Congratulations, Dory! More on this win. You can see the full tournament results in this PDF file.

Dory continues to win in competition after competition

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In February 2012, Dorothy was the subject of an excellent video profile on CTV Montreal Sports. She was featured in the series "Randy's Rookies" produced by longtime sportscaster Randy Tieman.

The piece shows Dorothy at home with her famous father and at a practice session. It also features interviews with her coach David Zilberman and some of her Team Canada team mates. View the video.

In March 2012, Dorothy won the Gold Medal at the Canadian Championships in both the Junior AND the Senior levels. On top of that, she was also named as the the MVP for the Junior National Championships.

You can watch a brief video clip of Dorothy's winning match at the 2012 Canadian Junior National Championships in the 67 kg final VS Olivia Dibacco. Click here.

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