By Ron Chiasson

November 4, 2004

After viewing the game reports, read the news on Robin
and then look at some photos of the teams in action.

November 3, 2004

Semi-Finals: Strength and Honor

It was a glorious, though not victorious, finale for the rugby teams this past Wednesday, taking the field of battle for yet another semi-final against perennial nemesis Dawson.

I have never fully agreed with someone saying, 'get your head in the game". It's never a battle for their heads. More games have been won with heart than by any strategy a coach can devise. And it is with heart, pride, strength and honor that Vanier took to the field. There is no point in describing the games separately. Men, women, rookies, didn't matter. And ultimately in my eyes, neither did the points.

Of course we all want to win. But what I witnessed from the players in those 2 games filled me with pride. It ceased being about self. No individualistic ideas or personal glory. It was about making one more tackle.

One more hit.

One more drive.

Willing yourself to fight on when you don't think you can even take another step. Playing for the right reasons: the person to the left, the person to the right.

The team.

I have always drawn an extremely firm line between losing and being beaten. A loss is just a matter of points, and points can be as capricious as the next unlucky bounce of the ball. But it is another thing to be beaten. And beaten we were not. In the end, the players were bruised, bloodied -some even carried from the field. But I saw the looks in the players eyes, and I knew. Though literally weary to the point of tears, the fire was still there. And the pride of knowing that they gave it their all, held nothing back, and fought to the last, dying second of the game.

Some thought it odd that Vanier was so happy after they had lost, but to be honest it was those people who got it wrong. The teams were happy in spite of the loss. They knew as I knew.

They had played one hell of a game.

I'd like to send a special thanks to the rookies: Holly, Frank, Leyla, Sin-bin, Munch, Walter, Kay, Christmas, Red, Dave, Joris, Dan, Butters, Troy, the Ooze, Boo-Boo Kitty and all the rest.......we love you, you little freaks.

Memorable moments: bananas/oranges/whip cream, face diving off the patio table, lap dances, "I'm not going to puke....", Bohemian Rhapsody, Sara abuse, naughty nurses, "Gosh I love Shane", cheering our fellow Vanier teams, "Today is Monday....", Decarie Hotdog, KY and melons, Meghan's surgically precise beverage recycling, muffins and porn, " sister's bi", Winnie-the-Pooh lullabies, group hugs, words of wisdom, the sign for trouble, YMCA, "ants tickling my butt", cones and traffic signs, "you were taken a kitten!?", grinding at the clubhouse, "Why was he born so beautiful.....", 20 bags of chips, "get it out WIDE", Cocky and Little Cocky, "I think it's a concussion". And, or course, "Jackie needs a new couch".

To all of you, my dear, sweet, lovely animals. Remember, we are all sisters and brothers from different mothers. And I am honored and humbled to have been in your presence.


Sunday, October 31, 2004:

Vanier Men 24, Champlain 5

The big worry was the big wind and would it play a big factor in the outcome......

Vanier managed to go up 12-0 quickly in the first half, when (as in many games) there was a shift in momentum. Champlain put together several drives up the field, capitalizing on one for 5 points. Determined not to let the game slip away, Vanier managed to kick it up a notch in the second half, even though they now also had the wind to contend with. An excellent game from Shane "Amelia Loves Me" McNaughton, Derrik Boyce and Paul "The Women's Team Demoted Me to Boy" Timperley, with Morgan Herrick stepping into his old position for a one-time guest appearance at scrum-half. Exceptional try scored by Shaun Blair, breaking through several defenders, outpacing his pursuers for 60 meters and diving into the corner just as he was about to be taken out of bounds.

Vanier Women 53, Champlain 0

A spirited game by Champlain, but they were not a match for the experience of the Vanier team. A solid game from the Champlain center and a couple of the forwards, but it was not enough to stop Vanier from exploiting many of the opportunities they created. I understand what it is like to be in a rebuilding year, and I know Champlain will prevail. Best of luck to them.

It was another solid game from rookies Claudia De Minico, Sophie Saragosti and "Fame" Giannelli, with an emotional game from captain Robin Hunter. There were several nice plays with Amelia "Gosh I Love Shane" Hamer and an amazingly fearless performance from Cathy Zoumis, given the unprecedented level of abuse she suffered at the hands of the vets during last Friday's annual Alumni Game. Congrats to Jackie Lamb for her first and well deserved try. Missed was Tara Cools-Lartigue, who was sidelined after a ferocious, savage and brutal kitten attack earlier in the week.

Both Vanier sides face perennial rival Dawson in the semi-finals. The games (at Vanier) will be held on Wednesday, November 3rd. The Women's game starts at 7 PM and the Men's game gets going at 8:30 PM.

Sunday, September 26, 2004:

Vanier Men 32, Brebeuf 5

The men's team won their match against Brebeuf on Sunday. Solid play from Brebeuf, who are rebuilding with a young squad after several of their vets graduated last year. Vanier was able to mount a determined offence, putting a lot of pressure on the Brebeuf team both in the forwards and back. Several of the Vanier rookies who played their first game in the exhibition match last week also played this game, with Alec Montealegre, Dan Dupuis, Antonios Younis, Dave Della Rocca, Walter Cesta, Mehdi Sabrah, Joris Julien and Andrew Szczerbaniuk on the player rotation for this match.

There was a nice push-over try and proud moment for Kiel "you Huggybear-Bobby-Hill-Chia-pet-looking-MOFO" Howden, his first for Vanier. Two well deserved tries were also scored by the backs, breaking Brebeuf's defence and running in for the 5 pointers. Paul Timperley also scored a nice try, diving over the line after being set up by a great run by Morgan Herrick that pulled in the defense.

Vanier Women 0, Abbott 32

The Vanier women put on a valiant first half aganst their perennial foes John Abbott. In several ways this match was as hard hitting as any of the men's games, with both packs hammering away at one another in the scrums, rucks and mauls and hard hitting tackles from both teams in the backs. The first half was essentially dead even, ending with the score just 0-5 and more time spent in Abbott's end that Vanier's.

As is the norm, Abbott came out hard right from the kickoff for the second half. Vanier was driven back and gave up another 5 points. The match pretty much stayed even after that, with neither team willing to give an inch of ground. But as with any hard contact sport, the game started taking its toll. Some of the Vanier players had to leave the game and Abbott capitalized on this loss of momentum, scoring several late in the game. An excellent effort on behalf of Vanier against a far more experienced team. As could be expected, great play from Claudia Di Minico and Robin Hunter, with a number of players stepping up to the challenge and distinguishing themselves: Jen Sangiovanni in the scrums, "Fame" Giannelli getting in some nice smacks against anything not in a red uniform, Chris Jack for some nice rucks and runs, Mehggie-poo Whyte as scrum half and Jackie Lamb / Kelly Rember making their presence felt all over the field.

Robin Hunter (who plays for the Vanier Cheetahs women's rugby team) has been long-listed for the U19 Canadian Rugby Team. She also played for the U19 Quebec rugby team this summer at Nationals.

The following article appeared in the website.


September 23, 2004
London, ON

Natascha Wesch and Brad Skene, co-coaches of the Canadian U19 Women’s Program, along with Rugby Canada are pleased to announce the 2004-05 Canada U19 Women’s Team Long List.

“The level of play and talent of the athletes identified is exciting for the future of the women’s game in Canada”, said Wesch. The long-listed athletes will be invited to attend a selection/training camp in early December in Victoria. BC. This camp will help the coaches prepare and select athletes that will compete in 2005.

In the summer of 2004, Canada’s U19 Women’s team competed in a Quadrangular Under 19 Tournament hosted by Wales. The U19 Women finished with a respectable 1-1-1 record, losing to England 44-13, tying the USA 10-10 and defeating Wales 12-10.

2004-2005 Canada’s U19 Women’s Team Long List
Alarie Elissa - QC
Bailey Nicole - ON
Bailey Stephanie - ON
Barry Candace - BC
Boulter Andrea - PEI
Carvery Tandra - NS
Cation Jayne - ON
Clift Johanna - NF
Davis Natalie - MB
Delwaide Isabelle QC
Desroches Natacha - QC
Dickieson Ellan - PEI
Dovanne Jessica - BC
Durham Tammy - BC
Eaden Jill - BC
Firmi Teddi - ON
Foulds Kate - ON
Gagnon Jill - AB
Garner Sarah - AB
Gauley - Kate - QC
Gibbons Katlin - BC
Goodrow Martha - ON
Harland Stephanie - MB
Hunter Robin - QC
Joslin Michele - ON
Kish Jennifer - AB
Kolskog Niki - AB
Lambie Shannon - BC
MacKenzie Cassie - PEI
Matity Leysa - SK
McInnis Lana - SK
Moeskau Erica - AB
Mullie Michelle - SK
Murphy Jacey - ON
Noger Alicia - BC
Ormond Kayla - AB
Papineau Elie - QC
Patzer Ashley - AB
Regan Catherine - BC
Rhoda Marlo - MB
Russell Kelly - ON
Russell Laura - ON
Spearing Rachel - ON
Stavrou Tabitha - ON
Tyminski Nicole - SK
Waddy Jennifer - BC
Waite Monica - PEI
Witbeck Megan - SK





Vanier Rugby Demonstrates Usual High Level of School Spirit

The Mens and Womens Rugby Rookie Association had the opportunity and privilege to cheer on fellow teams on Friday, October 29th at the Sports Complex, as part of their annual School Spirit Development Training. Vanier played host to double mens and womens soccer games, as well as an exhibition basketball game - the perfect venue for the Rugby teams to show off the latest in "Cheer-wear" from "La Senza" and "Frederick's of Ormstown".

In a "shout-out" to their high school English teachers during the basketball game, the players managed to get through spelling V-A-N-I-E-R C-O-L-L-E-G-E with only three "Z"s, two "Q"s and the number "7".

(see photo below)